From Stage6 comes some interesting illustrations of what the cast of Charlie Brown would look like as manga characters.

According to Canned Dogs, Japan Doujinshi Printing Group has announced a few new guidelines that all adult-oriented doujinshi must follow in order to be accepted for printing:

Basically, they need to clearly mark on the cover that it is for adults and provide on the final page of the doujinshi their circle name, contact info, release date, and the name of the printing firm that printed the doujinshi.

Also from Canned Dogs is the news that the first chapter of the manga Touhou Bougetsushou (based on the popular Touhou doujin games) has been made available online by Ichijinsha.

Otaku blog ikimashou.net has announced the winners of its 1,000th post anime/manga/figurine contest.

topArcher is a popular character from Type-Moon's visual novel Fate/stay night. In the game, he is the Servant (someone who fights for his or her master) of Rin Tosaka, one of the series' main female casts. Archer is a skilled fighter at projectile weapons, and has a Reality Marble (think of a special sorcery that creates an alternate reality) called "Unlimited Blade Works." To activate "Unlimited Blade Works," Archer first needs to complete a special chant.

Due to Archer's popularity, many variations of his chant can be found around the web made by fans.

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Wired Blog (via Newsarama) reports that a life-sized (18 meter high, 70 ton) Gigantor statue will be built in Kobe, Japan. The 135 million yen project, expected to be completed in the spring of 2008, will serve both as a memorial to the birthplace of the late Gigantor creator Mitsuteru Yokoyama, as well as celebrate the revitalization of the Kobe after the 1995 Kobe earthquake.

In celebration of its 1,000th post, otaku blog ikimashou.net has announced a new anime/manga/figurine contest.

Also, from the blog Riuva comes an article that analyzes the trend, philosophy and development of otaku blogs.