A reminder from Kodansha International Manga Competition's Ceena to manga artists who are interested in submitting their works to Kodansha's International Manga Competition, the deadline of which is less than two months away:

There are no boundaries. There is one sky.

The first full-scale international competition for Manga worldwide.
INTERNATIONAL MANGA COMPETITION presented by the manga magazine "Weekly
Morning," Kodansha, Japan.

Submissions are now being accepted in ten languages: English, Spanish,
French, German, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, Italian, and Swedish.
The deadline: May 31 2007.

For more information at

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According to Manga Jouhou, Japanese internet service provider livedoor and publisher Takeshobo has announced a new award event called "4-Koma Manga Nouvelle Y-1 Grande Prix." The award event is a combination of Takeshobo's "Takeshobo Manga Nouvelle Prize" and livedoor's "Daily 4-koma Grand Prix." According to the report: "Judges for the new award include manga artists and editors from both Takeshobo and Livedoor, including Risu Akitsuki, Mikio Igarashi, Masashi Ueda, Yoshito Usui, Tsuyoshi Oohashi, Shou Tanaka, Miruku Dajima, Katsuhiko Hotta and Takayuki Mizushina."

The winners of Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga 7 competition have been announced:

Best of Action: Ares Maier by Daniel Lucius Cross
Best of Comedy: B is for Bishie by Margaux Hymel and Russell Herrick
Best of Drama: Melody by Stacy Nguyen
Best of Fantasy: Fortune Finders! by Jerry D. Garcia
Best of Horror: Gagaku Berceuse by Erick Melton and William Ruzicka
Best of Mystery: Scratched by Crystal Hawkins
Best of Romance: I'll Be Waiting by Lanny Liu
Best of Sci-Fi: Argosy by Megan Spence and Erin Simpson
People's Choice Winner: BlueBlood by Ryan Mauskopf

TOKYOPOP Rising Stars of Manga People's Choice Online Voting Underway Talent Competition Offers New Genre-Based Format

TOKYOPOP announces the online voting portion of the Rising Stars of Manga 7 competition. Due to a voluminous flood of participant feedback, we've reinstated the People's Choice Award for this seventh running of TOKYOPOP's manga talent competition. All manga fans are encouraged to visit the TOKYOPOP website between March 6 and March 12, 2007 to place their vote and choose their next Rising Stars of Manga.

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Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga 7 People???s Choice Award is now open to public voting. The voting will end on March 12, and the winning entry will be featured in the upcoming volume of Rising Stars of Manga, the winner will be awarded a cash prize of $500.

Spanish publisher Norma Editorial has announced its "II Manga Competition" original manga competition. The publishing company will accept original titles until September 28th. Norma Editorial hopes to use this competition to stimulate the growth of new authors in Spain. All information are available in Spanish at Norma Editorial's Competition page (PDF). The winner of the competition will receive 2000 euros.

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To catalyze the growth of the interactive digital media sector and the creative arts in Singapore, ComiAsia ( with the support of the Media Development Authority of Singapore ( have launched the first "ComiIdol 2007", a national contest to find, nurture and promote internationally the best digital artists in Singapore!

Any aspiring individuals - from novices to professional digital artists - with an interest in creating digital art and comics will have the opportunity to submit and showcase their work, and stand a chance to win the coveted title of "ComiIdol 2007"!

Many of the Island's institutes of higher learning, including Singapore Polytechnic, ITE College Central and LASALLE-SIA College of Arts, have already pledged their support for, and entries to, "ComiIdol 2007".

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The winners of the "Doraemon Secret Tools Design Contest" were announced on December 21st 2006 during an episode of the Doraemon anime. However, a woman who won the "Nice Idea Prize" was angered by one of the sponsors, TV Asahi, when she called up TV Asahi's customer service desk and was treated rudely. Later the woman complained about the incident in her blog, which raised many discussions regarding the topic.

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January 31st marks the deadline of Kodansha's 2nd Penguin Illustration Contest. All original illustrations dealing with penguin are accepted, winner of the grand prize will receive 300,000 yen.

From Icarus Blog:

Lambda Legal, in conjunction with Prism Comics and media sponsor The Advocate has launched its "Life Without Fair Courts" editorial cartoon series and "Life Without Fair Courts Contest," seeking to educate the public in a new way about the need for fair courts ??? and Diamond and the Comic Shop Locator Service (CSLS) are participating in the event with prizes for the contestants

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