RICHMOND, CA ­ October 10, 2006 ­ Vampires, ghosts, serial killers, psychics, gangs and supernationaral characters and warriars abound, as Infinity Studios, LLC adds to the thrill of the season with a online contest to win some of the hottest manga titles to get readers spooked for Halloween. More information can be found on the company's

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This fall, Dark Horse announced a new contest for Direct Market retailers. The Dark Horse 100 program rewards 10 lucky comic shops with 100 variant cover comics exclusively available through this promotion. Dark Horse received an overwhelming response from retailers, with entries totaling near 1,000!

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Love Manga has announced a new manhwa competition. The rule is simple:

So each day I’ll throw open a different title (I’ll even give the reasons for why I like it, how’s that for a first!) and then all that’s left for you to do is email me a reason why you’d want this particular title.

Papo de Budega talks with Maurício and Mônica Somenzari, winner of this year's World Cosplay Summit, the world's largest cosplay competition. The Somenzari brothers were the first Brazilians to attend WCS.

Go! Comi has announced a Cantarella "Poison Poetry" Contest. To enter one must send in a poem written about character from You Higuri's Cantarella manga. According to the announcement, "The winning poem will be published in an upcoming volume of 'Cantarella,' accompanied by a drawing by Higuri-sensei herself based on the poem - and the winner will receive the original artwork."

Go! Comi has announced a newsletter-only contest. The prize will be a "special Her Majesty's Dog present" from Mick Takeuchi. People who subscribe to Go! Comi's email newsletter will receive more information on the contest on September 16th, including a description of the prize and a link to the entry on Go! Comi's website.

Shogakukan and Yahoo announced on 8/25 the largest Doraemon Tool Design Contest ever, the "Doraemon Magic Project". 12 entries will be picked from TV Asahi, Yahoo! net, and various children's anthology (such as Coro Coro Comic).

Winners will be announced on TV this winter, and the winning designs will be used in new episodes of the Doraemon TV anime next Spring. Second place winner will receive a "Doraemon Magical Car" from Toyota Noah.

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ADV is conducting a Comic Party Revolution manga contest to celebrate the release of its Comic Party Revolution manga series. Contestants must send their own manga strip as a JPEG attachment to ADV by 10/31. For more information visit here.

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World Cosplay Summit - or simply WCS - brings together the best cosplayers from around the world in a competition for the title of "world’s best cosplayer". WCS is organized yearly by Aichi TV. The main ceremony of WCS 2006 takes place today and tomorrow in Nagoya (JP).

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Asuka Shinsha's manga illustration magazine, SS, is now accepting illustrations for its Vol.7 issue, which will be released in October. The deadline is August 25th.

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