SS Magazine Seeking Illustrations from Around the World

Asuka Shinsha's manga illustration magazine, SS, is now accepting illustrations for its Vol.7 issue, which will be released in October. The deadline is August 25th.


We're looking for monochrome illustration for the next issue with the theme "Costume."

- Resolution should be the actual size, 300dpi is ideal. If the resolution is low, the image will be shrunken when published, please understand.
- For email attachments, data should be compressed to 5MB in jpg.
- You're welcome to send it by another methods such as ho-use file service and data service.


- Please attach the following text to the email or a text file along with the work:

1. Pen name, real name, address, postal code, phone number or email address.
2. An artist statement.
3. A resume of the different magazines your works have been published in, including works that have been published in "SS" and "S".

Please send all work to this address:

- The title of the email: "SS Work Application" 《SS作品応募》
- When send through file service and data service, please write "SS Work Application" 《SS作品応募》 in the corner.
- We accept applications from all over the world, including Taiwan, Korea, China, South East Asia, Europe and America.

Translated by Floating_SakuraƂ

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acceptance of illustrations; deadline

August of what year? Rue is deeply intrested...>W<