A shojo manga lecture by researcher Masami Toku will take place in São Paulo (Brazil) on November 1st at 08:00 p.m. Masami Toku is currently an associated teacher of Artistic Education at California State University, Chico (U.S.A.), she will travel to Brazil to talk about the "Power of Girl's Comics" project.

The lecture, "The Force of the Shojo Manga," will discuss the values and contributions of the Japanese manga-style drawing to the visual culture, the Japanese society, and young people from around the world. The event will be endorsement by JBC Publishing and Fundação Japão.

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The Fullmetal Alchemist movie is facing an uncertain future in Brazil. Focus Filmes has announced that the premier date is still not certain, but the TV series DVD's Volume 4 and 6 will be released in January 2007. This will also be the month when Captain Tsubasa 2002 arrives in Brazil.

Conrad Publising will be releasing Battle Royale by Koushun Takami (story) and Masayuki Taguchi (art) in Brazil later this year. The controversial manga spans 15 volumes, and was originally a novel by Koushun Takami.


The Brazilian theater exhibition of Saint Seiya: The Heaven Chapter: Overture will begin on November 2nd. The anime will premiere on October 23th with its main voice actors making an appearance. The exhibition theaters has has attracted great attention in Brazil. Playarte Filmes, the distributor of the film, will make also a press presentation. Saint Seiya is currently the most popular anime in Brazil.

Earlier this week JBC Publishing has released the Rurouni Kenshin novel titled Voyage to the Moon World (Samurai X - Crônicas de um Samurai na Era Meiji Volume 1 - Brazilian title). The story, inspired by Nobuhiro Watsuki's manga, was written by Kaoru Shizuka. The novel has 176 pages and costs $13.90 (approximately $6.50 USD).

Panini Comics Brazil will be releasing Full Metal Panic! by Shoji Gatoh (original author); Shikidouji (original character design); Retsu Tateo (art) and Lodoss War (Lodoss War - Crônicas da Guerra de Lodoss) by Masato Natsumoto and Ryo Mizuno later this year. The format of each manga will be 13 x 18 cm, with approximately 200 pages.

Papo de Budega talks with Maurício and Mônica Somenzari, winner of this year's World Cosplay Summit, the world's largest cosplay competition. The Somenzari brothers were the first Brazilians to attend WCS.

VIZ Media will be releasing Death Note in various European countries later this year as reported earlier. However, on the topic of whether the company will bring Death Note to other parts of the world, VIZ informed Papo de Budega that it currently doesn't have plans of releasing the manga in Brazil and other Latin America countries.


Edimagic Publishing has released Gogo's Dragon Ball Z in Brazil. The magazine was put on hold for over an year because Toei Animation didn't have permission to release it in 2005. The new magazine is a mixture of Gogo's universe with the Akira Toriyama's work.


According to the Rede TV website, Hunter X Hunter will be aired on Brazilian TV in October, it will take the place of Fullmetal Alchemist, which will be coming to an end soon.