Voice Bank Delivers MANGA for iPhone Users in the US

HYOGO, Japan--VOICE-BANK(CEO: Yoshihide Kinokawa), Inc. announced at Red Herring 2007 "Insight Japan" that they will start delivering MANGA for iPhone users in the US with Digital Manga Association Japan (Chairman: Monkey Punch).

With a unique touch panel instead of a keypad, iPhones are one of the most desired mobile devices since arriving in the US on June 29, 2007. With support of the Digital Manga Association of Japan, Voice Bank, Inc, has created a unique converter, the "iPhone Manage Converter (TM)" that enables users to view Manga on their iPhones.

Yoshihide Kinokawa, CEO of Voice Bank, Inc. showed a demo with Manga by Hideshi Hino at Red Herring 2007 "Insight Japan".

Voice Bank, Inc. will start the service of delivering Manga for iPhone users with some alliance partners. Yoshihide Kinokawa, CEO of Voice Bank, Inc. presented the business model to investors and partners at Red Herring, and will establish an office in the US soon.

ABOUT Digital Manga Association Japan (http://www.dma-j.net/)

Toshima-ku, Tokyo, founded in March 1st 2003

Chairperson: Monkey Punch

Vice-chairperson: Tetsuya Chiba / Michiko Satonaka


Seeking for better ways of expression and research for Manga, sharing wisdom and knowledge of technology when creating digital Manga.

Research for copyrights for digital Manga.


VOICE-BANK, Inc. has grown as a leading software developer by providing services such as "Kero-log", a voiceblog portal, and its VXML gateway technology (powered by PLUM) to many other content providers and companies running portal websites in Japan. VOICE-BANK, Inc. is in charge of the Japan booth at Podcast and New Media Expo Conference (Ontario, CA).


ASP system for charging for contents

Voice-blog portal, "Kero-log"

Aggregation software "Alligator"

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Manga directly on my IPhone?

Manga directly on my IPhone? But that's too great! I believe college is compromised as long as I'll be able to read my comics when I'm in class...It was about time the manga fans were to receive such a news.