Italian Yaoi Coming to USA

Las Vegas, NV, July 27, 2006 -€“ Yaoi Press has acquired the English publication rights to three prominent Italian yaoi graphic novels.

In January 2007 Yaoi Press will release Idol by the renowned Italian studio Dany&Dany. In this heart-wrenching modern tale a painter hires a jaded hustler to model for him then forms such a strong connection with his subject that he becomes deathly ill when the hustler abandons him before his masterpiece is complete.

Yaoi Press has also licensed Dany&Dany's gothic yaoi graphic novel, Wishing for the Moon. Both titles were published in Italy by Echo Communications under the titles ‘Eikon' and ‘La Luna nel Pozzo' respectively.

The third title, Love Circles, is a lighter, more upbeat story about a nerdy student who asks the most popular man at his college to teach him how to be successful with the woman he loves. He finds himself falling for his gorgeous trainer throughout the social makeover. Love Circles was created by the artist Zel, and was originally published by Echo as 'Like U.'

All three books will have fresh covers created by the original artists specifically for Yaoi Press' publication.

Yaoi Press is currently negotiating for the English publication rights to four more Italian graphic novels. They are also working with Dany&Dany on creating an original graphic novel for exclusive publication with Yaoi Press.

Yaoi Press' founder Yamila Abraham commented on the significance of licensing original yaoi from outside of Asia. "Yaoi is a world-wide phenomenon," said Abraham. "I'd never rule out licensing titles from Japan or Korea, but fans of these books are already getting their needs met. There's brilliant yaoi graphic novels being created all over the world. I hope Italy will just be the beginning for us."

Other commercial English yaoi publishers reprint books almost exclusively from Japan and Korea.

About Yaoi Press
Yaoi is a romantic genre that deals with stories about men in love with men for mostly women readers. Yaoi Press borrowed their theme from Japan where it's been hugely popular for several decades. Yaoi has gained a strong foothold in the United States.

Yaoi Press was founded in 2004, and has published over a dozen OEL yaoi manga graphic novels. Yaoi Press titles are distributed by Diamond Book Distributors.

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Idol Size: 5"x7.5"
Pages: 144, b&w
Rating: Mature Readers 16+
ISBN #: 978-1-933664-10-1
Street: January 22, 2007
SRP: $12.95

Wishing for the Moon Size: 5"x7.5"
Pages: 144, b&w
Rating: Mature Readers 16+
ISBN #: 978-1-933664-12-5
Street: February 26, 2007
SRP: $12.95

Love Circles
Size: 5"x7.5"
Pages: 144, b&w
Rating: Mature Readers 16+
ISBN #: 978-1-933664-13-2
Street: April 24, 2007
SRP: $12.95