Backstage: Interview with Ed Chavez on the Growth and Future of MangaCast

MangaCastA year ago we featured MangaCast on Backstage. A lot of things have changed since then, new faces can be seen among the crew, and rumors have been floating around regarding a MangaCast 2.0.

A year after the original feature, we caught up with Ed Chavez once again to discuss the past, present and future of MangaCast!

Read the full interview at MangaCast 2.0: Ed Chavez on the Growth and Future of MangaCast.

Also included is a small peak at the mysterious MangaCast 2.0 in the Layout section.

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It's not a bad time to be

It's not a bad time to be leaving LJ these days, especially if you're a fan...

(P.S. The comment captcha code is really hard O_o even when I think I've got it right it often thinks I have it wrong.)

Ah yes, the new comment

Ah yes, the new comment captcha ^^;

The thing is, all anonymous users are required to preview their post, but after they hit preview, the captcha gets refreshed, so actually to post a comment one needs to enter 2 captchas >.> I'll have to do something about that -_- (like getting rid of the preview function, or reducing captcha to only 4 characters)

Fortunately the new captcha seems to have stopped the onslaught of spams we've been getting lately ^^;