Thailand Maid Cafe Managers Arrested, Obscene Manga Confiscated

According to Jiji Press, Thailand's police arrested the managers of the maid cafe Akiba, located in Bangkok, and seized 200 volumes of obscene manga imported from Japan. ANN has a translation:

One of those arrested is Thavatchai Pruekrisakul, the 26-year-old who opened the cafe with Taveelarp Kumpolkarnjana. The two opened the shop as Southeast Asia's first maid cafe on April 21, 2006. The police explained the arrests and confiscation: "We investigated due to complaints from guardians that children would frequent the maid cafe. There was obscene artwork in the manga."

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um just to clear up..

I've been there they don't sell doujins are anything like that.. Those obscene mangas are probably normal mangas that people have been reading (Negima?, Sumomomo Momomo etc.)but they did have Elfen Lied dvds..


So regular ecchi manga is considered obscene in Thailand O.o

Hmm well they did end up

Hmm well they did end up selling Negima shrink wrapped here in the U.S. Though I really wouldn't consider it "obscene" under any circumstances...

Different people have

Different people have different values.

Yes, diferent persons have

Yes, diferent persons have diferent values.
But, anyways...
¡Those Thais are crazy!
As the great Obelix would say.