Online Manga Store Drops CPM Products

Rabbit Valley, an online anime/manga shop, has announced that it will drop all CPM/Be Beautiful products from its catalogue due to the recent copyright issue with Libre Publishing:

NOTICE - Pirated works removed
It has come to the management's attention that several items we sold by the publisher "Central Park Media" doing business as "Be Beautiful" were not authorized, licensed reprints of an artist's work. We have pulled the following items from our catalog: "Golden Cain," "Embracing Love Volume 1," and "Selfish Love" volumes 1 and 2. It is the policy of Rabbit Valley (R) Comics to NEVER endorse piracy of any kind. Until the licensing issue is cleared up, these items have been pulled from the site. Further information is available from the original Japanese publisher's website at

Source: Icarus Blog

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That's just assinine, in my personal opinion. It's ridiculous for an online retailer to do something this extreme without having all the facts from both sides and knowing the true legal status. Right now, without more public acknowledgement from all parties involved, everything is simply speculation based on the brash and childish statement Libre decided to post on their website. I, personally, have never heard of or done business with Rabbit Valley. And, after seeing what they've irrationally done without knowing more of the actual problem, I don't plan to do business with them ever.


I wonder if I could get your opinion on Online Only publishing? Many of the problems faced by the manga industry come from the sheer logistical difficulty of dealing with numbers of books - printing costs, storage space etc.