National Police Agency Demands Restriction on Delivery of Lolicon Manga over Internet

On the 25th of December, a report from the child protection society (the same group mentioned in this article) concluded that "30% of seijin manga (adult manga) contain depiction of sexual intercourse involving children, and juveniles are able to purchase such manga via the internet."

The child protection group, which also serves as the personal advisory group of Metropolitan Police Life Safety Director Yutaka Takehana, points out that the current situation is hurting the "Harmful Book Act," and suggests that measures be taken to prevent the sales of adult manga to juveniles.

According to the report, the National Police Agency inspected 100 hentai manga from out of 9000 books, and found 30 manga that contained description of sexual intercourse involving children, and 5 manga featured children from elementary school. Currently such books are sold over the internet without any age check, and are also sold in convenience stores. These books are packaged such that customers could purchase them without their parents’ knowing.

The National Police Agency intends to show its report to hentai manga sellers and other related businesses in order to demand self-restraint and other measures to prevent the sales of these books to juveniles.

Earlier this September, the same child protection group also suggested that cell phones sold to juveniles should be modified so that it would be impossible to connect to dating websites. In November, cell phone sellers took the suggestions from the child protection group.
*In Japan dating websites are used as tools for schoolgirl prostitution.

Source: The Daily Yomiuri

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