Seiko Noda Push for Stricter Child Pornography Law - "Child Pornography in Manga and Anime Must be Eradicated!"


top"Child pornography in manga and anime must be eradicated!" - Seiko Noda

On March 29th, the Japanese UNICEF Association, ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes), ECPAT Sweden and the Sweden Embassy held a meeting to discuss "the elimination of child pornography websites, how Sweden should handle this work and the responsibility of Japan."

This symposium was held to discuss the process Sweden is taking to wipe out websites related to child pornography, and to raise people's interests and raise support for banning child pornography websites. During the symposium, the issue of simply possessing (not selling) child pornography, lolicon manga and animations was discussed.

imgIn the opening speech, lawmaker Seiko Noda suggested the revision of the laws:

"The act of simply possessing child pornography should be banned; manga and anime containing child pornography should also be banned. I tried to do it a few years ago, but I was heavily attacked by others on various bulletin boards. Nonetheless, I'm going to revise the Child Prostitution and Child Pornography Prevention Act."

According to Noda said, the Child Prostitution and Child Pornography Prevention Act is aimed at preventing the abuse of real children. To have the Act include fictional images like characters from anime and manga, the laws would need to be heavily revised, which would take too much time.

Noda insists that a new law must be established:

"I believe anime and manga need to be adapted to international standards. If Japan recognizes that anime and manga are the leading export industries of Japan, their moral standard should be set on the same level as the international standard."

Translator's Note:
1. This is not a direct translation of the original article, as the original article is too long and only a small part of it deals with manga. This translation is based on a shorter version from 2ch.
2. Currently Noda is being badly attacked again, on 2ch.

Translated by T. Ohara

Source: Internet Watch

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"2. Currently Noda is being

"2. Currently Noda is being badly attacked again, on 2ch."


Think of Jack Thompson.

Think of Jack Thompson.

No one on a Japanese message

No one on a Japanese message board cares about Jack Thompson.

Just as no one on English

Just as no one on English message board probably have never even heard of Seiko Noda. That was not the point I'm trying to make.

Wow.. "I believe anime and

Wow.. "I believe anime and manga need to be adapted to international standards." - this statement is just.. lame. I highly doubt japanese will want to adapt to anyone

Its kinda hard to put

Its kinda hard to put anything on the internet that is anti-child pornography whether its real or its just a manga, when Otakus and pedohiles will 100% garunteed attack the living shit out of you.

I'm sorry, but Japan needs to get the fuck out of fantacy land. I'm glad that at least someone wants to take action, but that still doesn't mean it will work. Even a couple of people in Japan are sick of manga and anime that justifies raping women and children.

Sadly, this shit will always be on the internet and in real life, and there will always be fucktards who feel the need to defend and justify it.

On one of 2ch's Densha

On one of 2ch's Densha Otoko's threads posters strongly urge Densha to drop his habit of buying porn doujinshi if he wanted to retain his relationship with Hermes. So I guess people in 2ch realizes that porn doujinshi addiction hurts relationships.


the law that was made in 2006 the adam walsh law has its loop holes. its states a few things but all of them are clearly pointed to real child pornography, not the lolicon anime or mangas. the only way they would be able to get rid of the lolicon art is if there was a law directly pertaining to the anime and mangas. at this point the 2006 Adam Walsh Law should not, and does not, apply to typical Japanese lolicon art. The only exception could be extremely lifelike CG rendered graphics. but with the way that noda is going about this there may be a new law for this.

"Seiko Noda must be

"Seiko Noda must be eradicated!" - Anonymous

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this guy is a fucktard

He needs to do his research. Everywhere that lolicon is banned are the places with the high rape numbers. In Japan, everyone's a pervert and tons of chick make money off of it. Really, there is no rape. I'm all for keeping REAL kiddie porn banned, that stuff's disgusting anyway. But if lolicon's banned, all of it's veiwers are going to go crazy, which is going to lead to a LOT of scarred kids.

If it is denied, it WILL happen.


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