UNICEF Says Japan Not Strict Enough on Child Porn, Pushes for Ban on Lolicon

Reuters is reporting that UNICEF, the Japan branch of the United Nations Children's Fund, is not satisfied with Japan's recent move to to ban possession of child pornography, and urges Tokyo to include child pornography in manga, anime and games in the ban:

[...] the Japan branch of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) urged Tokyo to beef up its laws by banning child pornography in manga comics, animated films and computer games as well as individual possession.

According to ITmedia (via Canned Dogs), this campaign is supported by Yahoo and Microsoft, and that UNICEF's definition of virtual pornography states that "AV involving real people above the age of 18 [...] should not be allowed if they look young and are dressed like in costumes like sailor uniforms which might make them look underage."

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Yeah right...

How exactly do you ban something like this? and what exactly are they going to do? take the drawing pens from adult manga artists to prevent them from drawing? LOL, or maybe go to stores to get all the loli bishoujo games and loli adult manga? or go to people's homes to check if they have this type of stuff (loli bishoujo games/adult manga)?

Unicef are only a bunch of

Unicef are only a bunch of bigots and idiots, they don't care about kids, they want only popularuty and money in the name of minors. All bullshits, Japan is doing a good job not including H manga in the law.
Freedom of speech is a serious thing against westernization and censorhip.
My 2 100.

Free speech is limited to

Free speech is limited to yelling "fire" in a crowded room; that is, you can say whatever you want as long as it doesn't harm other people. Many people see child pornography as threatening to children on the grounds that children are not "rational" adults capable of making decisions themselves. The industry takes advantage of their naivite for exploitative reasons. That's the difference between child porn and regular ol' porn: porn itself is not intristically "exploitative" because it's the work of "rational" adults (feminist porn, for instance). But with child porn, you've got one party that is not making a "rational" decision and is, by extension, not a willing participant. It has nothing to do with bigotry and everything to do with protecting children from exploitation. That's the anti-kiddie porn view.

"Well, they aren't using real children in cartoons, so include video games, anime, and manga?" Because any law covering visual imagery will have to cover *all* visual imagery. Photographs and cartoons are interchangable in this regard. Otherwise the legalities get confusing, and there are loopholes. Without making a clean inclusion of all types of visual imagery, I imagine that loopholes would be a big problem in enforcing the laws.

The Japanese government isn't not willing to regulate H games, by the way. Censorship laws in Japan are considerably more nit-picky than in certain parts of the West - the "no pubic hair" regulation, for instance - and there has been a lot of public concern over the sex industry for the last decade or so. It has nothing to do with "avoiding westernization" and everything to do with the Japanese themselves waiting to crack on their own out-dated laws. Give it another ten years or so, and you'll probably see more aggressive action taken against child porn, especially with growing international concern over human trafficking.

They are just mad because

They are just mad because their old dried up balls and vagina's can't get none!!

Well done.

I'm strongly against real photo images, and i agree if they chose to ban them and persecute possession but even i'm not interested in these kind of manga i'm not agree about banning drawings and Japan do a good choice in name of the freedom imo.

Hey UNICEF, ever fancy

Hey UNICEF, ever fancy pressuring the international community to ban stupidity and ignorance?

You can't even dress up legal-aged AV stars in underage style clothes? What massive pile of garbage! Have UNICEF actually tried cracking down on child pornography ring in Europe instead of asking some other country to subdue their democracy? I'd say these UNICEF geezers just wanna look cool on the paper, trying to make it look like they're trying to 'do something right' (read: BULLSHIT) without actually doing anything but lip service.


UNICEF Japan is not UNICEF branch of UN. Branch of UNICEF also exist in Japan, but no directly relation with UNICEF Japan. UNICEF Japan is a group of christians, and they are acting this campaign gathering with other cult religion group.
This situation is...teribble. Japan is losing its own mind. Conduction of non-sense histeric women, elders and religious. It's just sort of joke.
I agree with child porn regulation. BUT NO for comics, animation etc. Just doesn't make sense. They believe that crimes will degree regulating those. They do not face with real reasons of crimes, society problems and just look for witches to burn. Sort of PMRC, japanese version.

Christianity in Japan

Wow. I never knew there was christianity in Japan. Only .3% of the japanese population are christians. I wonder what it would be like if the Nohara Family were christian and the content of the Shin Chan show contain clean humour and free from nudity?

I've been a YouTuber long before SaveTheAnime01 came.

As a resident of Japan,

As a resident of Japan, where very stupid pornographic comics depicting under-age girls with oversized breasts being raped are openly displayed on racks in convenience stores, right alongside comics targeting young children, at eye level, everywhere, I disagree with the above posters who have no idea what they are talking about and imagine that this appeal to mental health and social safety is an attempt at censorship.

There's nothing wrong with nude images, comics, or X-rated films. But if you consider how much of these depict rape, rape that is always "successful", to which the victim never resists, you might understand that it is sending a very stupid message to masses of pathetics who have never had normal relations, and trust me, there are millions of them.

Perhaps they make these magazines for stupid men, perhaps they make them to make men stupid. I do know that they feature the theme of assaulting children frequently, and are openly displayed even at convenience stores within view of elementary schools.

I guess the idea of guys who get off on this stuff frequenting the convenience store by the playground is cool with all you noble proponents of free speech. Unfortunately not even the shop managers have a choice, as they are intimidated by the organised crime publishers to stock these titles in visible locations.

Non-Japanese "Anime" fans may - la, la, la - think it's all very cute, but come and live in Japan, and if it doesn't make you want to puke after a few years, then I guarantee it is because you have become one of those Akihabara otaku okubyou geeks who have abandoned hope of ever having a relationship.

Wake up - it is stupider than you think.

of course this is a "manga" site, so perhaps it is for and by "otaku" and these comments will not be permitted.


Cool story bro. Even as a girl, I could give less of a shit of other people's rape fantasies, it doesn't bother me that someone thinks rape manga is kawaiidesune.

Go compare rape rates to the country you reside in to the US. Notice a difference?

UNICEF is fucking ridiculous. They ought to be going after countries that have a serious CP problem. Animu little girls don't feel pain. I don't know what they're trying to prove.

By all means ban lolicon,

By all means ban lolicon, it's not going to stop me looking at it. Nor the vast majority who are already into it i assume.
I say we ban the likes of thought control governments; the world would be much more tolerable without those filthy pigs.

Screw UNICEF!!

Banning lolicon won't stop pedophiles for having sex with kids. A study says when porn is easier to get the rape crime is lowered. So if we take away LOLI that doesn't hurt anybody u will all see! They are just mad because their old dried up balls and vagina's can't get none!!