Leiji Matsumoto Accuses J-Pop Singer Noriyuki Makihara of Plagiarizing Galaxy Express 999 Lyrics

Leiji Matsumoto (68) is known for creating Space Battleship Yamato, Captain Harlock, and many other classic series. Recently Leiji Matsumoto announced that parts of his script from Galaxy Express 999 has been stolen by the 37 years old J-Pop singer and songwriter Noriyuki Makihara, and was used in the singer's lyrics in Chemistry's recent album "Yakusoku No Basho" (Promised Place).

Although Leiji Matsumoto said that he won't incriminate the singer, he Noriyuki Makihara will apologize to him: "We are interested in his next action."

According to Leiji Matsumoto, the phrase stolen came from volume 21 of Galaxy Express 999: "時間は夢を裏切らない、夢も時間を裏切ってはならない" (The dream never fails the time, and the time also never fails the dream.) The phrase was also used in the live-action play of Galaxy Express 999. In the "Promised Place," the phrase was modified into "夢は時間を裏切らない、時間も夢を決して裏切らない" (The word order is reversed).

After Leiji Matsumoto heard the lyrics of "Promised Place" he immediately phoned Noriyuki Makihara. At first the singer said: "I have never heard the phrase before." But gradually response became: "I may have heard your phrase in the past without noticing." Leiji Matsumoto said, "I wanted him to apologize to me for this, in written form, but he refused."

Even though the chief executive of the music company expressed his regret, Matsumoto felt disappointed because Makihara still hasn't apologized: "It is a problem that affects the pride of a creator. I hope he will understand my reasoning." Matsumoto is still requesting an apology from the singer himself.

Matsumoto said, "I'm annoyed by this, If he apologize to me now, I'll still accept it."

At this time, Leiji Matsumoto announced that he won't demand a lawsuit or prohibition of the use of his lyrics, and hopes that the incident will be resolved soon.