Gundam and Star Wars Inspired by Leiji Matsumoto's Work?

Police Japan has published an article commenting on Leiji Matsumoto's accusation of J-Pop Singer Noriyuki Makihara plagiarizing Galaxy Express 999 lyrics. In the article, Matsumoto was quoted saying both Gundam and Star Wars were inspired by his works.

From ANS:

Police Japan has a quote from the creator: "It is I that originally hit on the title of Gundam!" It is true he developed the series Dangard Ace in which there is a "Jasdam" organization. The term was considered to be used in the series official title. This example is often asserted as proof. Matsumoto is quoted as saying: "There was certainly a concept of Gundam [in Danguard Ace], Tomino must have gotten it from somewhere!" Additionally he's been quoted as saying George Lucas may have been inspired by his films prior to creating Star Wars. The creator cites Princess Leia was clearly modeled on a Captain Harlock heroine.

Source: ANS