Japanese Anti-Smoking Association to Protest against Nana

A protest and request from the Japanese Anti-Smoking Association:
We hope that all smoking scenes from the manga and anime "NANA" will be removed by June 30, 2006.

According the investigation of the World Health Organization (WHO,) the smoking rate of young female smokers has been increasing dramatically worldwide. Because of that, the cigarette industry has enlarged its market for women, with advertising with a dominate message that suggests "a cigarette is stylish." WHO suggest that a cigarette regulation policy focusing on young women should be made quickly in response to this.

Whether it is inside or outside the country, many medical, health and educational fronts instruct children about the harm of cigarettes to prevent them from smoking. "NANA" is a work that goes against the trend of the world. Japanese Anti-Smoking Society protests to anyone relates to the production of "NANA". There will definitely be a certain percentage of death and illness following it. It is a substance more dangerous than AIDS.

The Problems with "NANA":
- Because this is a work that is extremely popular among women in their teens and twenties, women this age are much easier to accept cigarette related messages, so it gets them easily interested in them.
- Because the characters are smoking so much, it can easily be misunderstood that smoking is a fashion.
-Since the brands "Seven Staras," "Black Stone Cherry," and "GITANES" are all actual cigarette brands, it is very likely that it violates the "Cigarette Regulation Frame Treaty".
- A character, Shinichi Okazaki (Shin,) who is specified as 15 years old is often drawn smoking. Not only does the image go against the Minor Smoking Prohibition Law, but it also fails to help young people acknowledge the harm of smoking.
- While casual smoking becomes a social problem, many of the characters in Nana smoke everywhere.

[The rest of the article deals with statistic and research of the harm of cigarette]

Translated by Floating_Sakura
Edited by Firedog

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I can see where they're

I can see where they're coming from, but I think that it's dumb to demand that the characters stop smoking. Yazawa is trying to portray characters with realistic qualities--the fact of the matter is people DO smoke. Old, young, fashionable, nerdy, of-legal-age, below-legal-age, people smoke. It may not be super-smart, but they do. You can't have all the characters just suddenly stop smoking. What the hell kind of story would betray the characters like that?

Despite this, I've always kinda worried about the character Osaki Nana's smoking--isn't she a singer and isn't smoking bad for your voice?

Everyone knows it's just

Everyone knows it's just another excuse for parents having to spend less time on their children's upbringing.

kaonashi's points were all

kaonashi's points were all excellent. To add to what she said, censorship of art, which is essentially a reflection of life, is wrong. And even if cigarettes could be removed entirely from pop culture it's not going to prevent people from smoking. I mean, in America smoking's been removed from most tv media, excluding movies in theaters (and even there it's been diminished). We also have tons of anti-smoking commercials. But that hasn't stopped people from smoking--they're still out there.

>>Despite this, I??????ve

>>Despite this, I??????ve always kinda worried about the character Osaki Nana??????s smoking??????isn??????t she a singer and isn??????t smoking bad for your voice?

It shows later on (at least in the manga) that she tries to quit smoking, I stopped following Nana at v. 12 or something, so I forgot if she was successful.

she wasn't successfull and

she wasn't successfull and is a bit worried about this.

Besides Nana, many singers

Besides Nana, many singers do smoke.(even though smoking is bad for your voice, singers like Hyde still sing very well.) NANA wouldn't be the only thing that sends the message "cigarette smoking is stylish."

And also, since everyone in BLAST is smoking so much, how can anyone expect to completely take smoking out of NANA without messing it up?

Nakashima Mika smokes too,

Nakashima Mika smokes too, but not frequently...

i think that the easiest

i think that the easiest solution would be for yazawa to make at least some of the characters quit smoking by the end of the manga and anime, i don't think it would be completely unrealistic for them to quit since people do quit, but more importantly, smoking should not be portrayed as stylish, but instead a serious problem that people face in real life and i think yazawa does this to some extent, but it's not emphasized nearly enough

how silly

it would be weird if they stoped smoking all of a sudden...because they want to show how sihn is declining and their name also has to do with that and they can't change it now, besides lots of anime has smoking since there are realistic anime so it's just like every other show...so why don't they cut it of other shows 2? or stop celebs from smoking? i mean it's so stupid..you can't just stop it, it's everywhere.. and ppl with a good head will never be influenced by it..i mean, my fav anime has it 2..but that what makes it real, couldn't you just for once let a master-peace be and NOT ruin it?!
besides it try's to show rock bands' behavior..and ppl who like that are allready influenced anyway since they know how rock bends act in real life...and in real life they use drugs 2, at least at the anime their jentel, cause shin totally looks like he would take them..