A new adult manga magazine from Oaks titled Comic Ran-Oh! will begin publication on the 26th of this month. The magazine will sell for 500 yen. According to Oaks, the magazine is "an adult's magazine that surpasses a young man's magazine."

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topThe official website of MediaWorks' new magazine Dengeki Kuro Maoh has been launched. The site is currently offering previews of the new Moetan manga and the new Shakugan no SHANA manga.

Comic Yoshimoto has updated its website with an official letter regarding the magazine's suspension.

Japan's first free cosplay magazine, CosPick, was launched on August 17th.

Kill Time Communication is launching a new manga magazine on October 29 called Comic Valkyrie Hard, which will be a special issue of Comic Valkyrie.

ALC Publishing, the world's only publisher of 100% Yuri will be premiering the newest Yuri manga anthology, "Yuri Monogatari 5," at Yuricon's 2007 "Yurisai" event on September 29, 2007 at the Newark Gateway Hilton.

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Shockpop World Manga Digest to debut in 2008

NOTTINGHAM, NH, USA - September 11, 2007 - Boombox Media is now accepting submissions for the premiere volume of Shockpop World Manga Digest. This unique anthology is a collection of genre-blending stories all united by one common theme---the style of writing and art have been influenced by Japanese manga (comics) and anime (animation). Some of the contributing artists have also mentioned the influences of manhwa (Korean comics) and manhua (Chinese comics, mainly produced in Hong Kong and Thailand).

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Back in June when Asahi Sonorama announced its closure, it was mentioned that Asahi Shimbun would take over Sonorama's business operations.

According to the Sonorama Bunko Monthly Hotline, Asahi Shimbun will continue to publishthree of Sonorama's manga magazines, as well as the publication of all light novels, some of which will be released under a new light novel label called Asahi Bunko Sonorama Selection.


??? According a post on J.A.C. Bulletin, Lynn Okamoto, mangaka of Elfen Lied, will start a new manga in Young Jump this October centered around ski jumping.

??? A new manga titled Assistant Romance Keika (?????????????????????????????????) by Rosuke Nishikawa will begin in Young Animal No.11 (10/5).

??? A new series titled Inanna (????????????) from Reiko Okano, mangaka of Onmyoji, will start in issue 41 of Morning, on sale 9/13.

??? A manga version of Sushi Oji! (Prince Sushi!) (???????????????) will begin in issue 41 of Young Sunday, on sale 9/13.

??? According to AoD, Kodansha Box will launch a new magazine called Pandora, which will be published twice a year.

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According to Shinbunka, Yoshimoto Kogyo's new seinen comedy manga magazine Comic Yoshimoto will cease publication after issue 7, on sale 9/18. According to the report, when the magazine was launched in June, sales did not meet the expected 250,000 copies.

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Shueisha has released a new promotional video titled "Shining!!!" for its upcoming Jump Square, the replacement magazine for Monthly Shonen Jump.

Shueisha also updated the official Jump SQ site with three new serializations:

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Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump is known for canceling its series (even the 2ch Early Sales info is called the "Cancellation Survival Race"). Each issue of Shonen Jump comes with a survey postcard that asks its readers to vote for their favorite series. Every week, manga serialized in Jump are ranked from most popular to least popular. Usually the less popular series tend to enjoy a very short lifespan.

Weekly Jump Readers' Journal is reporting that Eiichiro Oda revealed in the latest volume of One Piece how Weekly Jump ranks its series:

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York, Penn. - September 1, 2008 - When Ang Lee brought the world the love story between two cowboys in late 2005 it shocked many people and made others grin happily. The ones with the grins were most likely fans of a Japanese export known as yaoi. Like Brokeback Mountain, yaoi focuses on the romantic and often sexual relationship between two men, but the average reader of yaoi fiction isn't what is first expected. "98% of my readers are heterosexual women ranging in age from 18 to their late 60's," says S. A. Payne, writer of dozens of romantic yaoi style novels and publisher of the upcoming Yaoi Magazine.

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