Asahi Sonorama

Back in June when Asahi Sonorama announced its closure, it was mentioned that Asahi Shimbun would take over Sonorama's business operations.

According to the Sonorama Bunko Monthly Hotline, Asahi Shimbun will continue to publishthree of Sonorama's manga magazines, as well as the publication of all light novels, some of which will be released under a new light novel label called Asahi Bunko Sonorama Selection.


topOn June 21st, manga publisher Asahi Sonorama announced on its website that due to ongoing financial difficulties, the manga publisher will be dissolved at the end of September.

According to the president of Asahi Sonorama, the decision was made due to Asahi Sonorama's ongoing financial difficulties, as well as their aging workforce, and it was decided that a corporate restructuring would be difficult. Instead, Asahi Sonorama will be dissolved at the end of September, and Asahi Newspaper (Asahi Shimbun), which owns 100% of Asahi Sonorama's stock, will take over the Sonorama's business operations. Asahi Shimbun will also find new positions for Sonorama employees who wish to stay on.

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Ichiko Ima's shojo manga Hyakki Yakou Shou, currently serialized in Asahi Sonorama's in Nemurenu Yoru no Kimyou na Hanashi, will be adapted into a TV drama in February 2007.