Ichijinsha announces that its 4-koma anthology Manga 4Koma KINGS Palette will become a monthly anthology (from bi-monthly) as of Vol.3, on sale January 25th.

top2006 was a bad year for manga publications in China. Major magazines and anthologies were either discontinued or went on an "indefinite hiatus." Some say 2006 marks the lowest point of China's manga magazine market.

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The Japanese government is running a full-page advertisement in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine No.52 (on sale November 29th), which read "Stop! Bullying." This is Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe instructed that the ad be published in both shonen and shoujo manga magazines for the very first time, stating that "children will not read the ad if they are run in newspapers."

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imgYu Yu Journal's recent article on sexually explicit content in shoujo manga received a large number of replies from its readers. As a result, the site has published a follow-up article.

According to the article, many readers said the publishers need to be regulated; however, there were some who expressed that adult should also be more concerned about this problem.

A mother of three from Toyama city, who believes that a moral committee for children's magazine is needed, said:

"Children need to know more about the bright side of love, sex and human. We should be more concerned about passing on the right information to children so they grow up to be healthy adults.

Sex education is still not doing its job in some schools and families."

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Information on issue #1 of the anime/manga scholarly magazine Mechademia has been posted on the magazine's official site. Information on issue #1, #2 and #3 of the magazine can be found on the Mechademia news page.

Play magazine has announced a new magazine called Rocket, which will include information on anime/manga. More information is available on the Rocket homepage.

Two new manga magazine released in November:

Akita Shoten:
- Nyan Tomo (???????????????)
Release Date: November 20th
Price: 390 Yen
Info: "Cute cat manga magazine."

- Sonotoki Rekishi ga Ugoita Comic han (??????????????????????????? ???????????????)
Release Date: November 17th
Price: 360 Yen
Info: Seinen; Comic Tokumori special issue. Jidaigeki manga magazine.

img2006 marks the 25th anniversary of Kodansha's seinen magazine Weekly Morning. To celebrate, Kodansha has announced the "Weekly Morning's 25th Anniversary Campaign."

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Kadokawa Shoten has announced a new "game and goods amusement magazine" titled "Comp Selections" (??????????????????????????????). The first issue of the magazine will be released on 11/24. Comp Selections will contain game summaries, information on game characters, goods information, staff column, interviews, and seiyuu interview. A manga will also be serialized in this magazine: Really? Really! Prelude by Kusaka Shiroi (Original Story: N

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Tokyo Sanseisha will be releasing two new adult manga magazines this winter:

November 16th - LOVESPO Comic (????????????????????????)
December 16th - Comic International (???????????????????????????????????????)

The first issue of Comic choiS! (NSFW), a new bi-monthly adult manga magazine from Akane Shinsha, was released on November 9th.