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Back in June when Asahi Sonorama announced its closure, it was mentioned that Asahi Shimbun would take over Sonorama's business operations.

According to the Sonorama Bunko Monthly Hotline, Asahi Shimbun will continue to publishthree of Sonorama's manga magazines, as well as the publication of all light novels, some of which will be released under a new light novel label called Asahi Bunko Sonorama Selection.


Hobby Japan is launching a new TRPG light novel label in October called HJ Bunko G (HJ文庫G). The following light novels will be published under the new label:


Kadokawa Shoten has announced the winners of its 2007 Light Novel Awards as voted by its readers. ANN has a translated report:

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Canned Dogs reports that the Japanese blog Dekadenbiyori is not impressed with the English version of the Shakugan no Shana light novel, commenting on the poor translation and the fact that the protagonist Yuji Sakai's speech are composed of 41% "Ugh," 25% What?!, and the rest some other kinds of exclamatory statements.

Intriguing Fantasy Story About Adventure, Growing Up, Friendship, And Family Bonds Will Captivate A Wide Range Of Readers

San Francisco, CA, August 14, 2007 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, continues to expand its VIZ Fiction imprint with the latest publication of the novel BRAVE STORY by popular Japanese author Miyuki Miyabe. The book is offered as a hardcover edition at a suggested retail price of $23.99 and is now available through retailers nationwide.

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Ultimatum Tidbits reports that the light novel series Ookami to Koushinryou by Isuna Hasekura (author) and Juu Ayakura (illustrator) will be adapted into a TV animation. The announcement can be found on the cover of the fifth volume of the light novel.

In June, Dengeki Online also announced Ookami to Koushinryou's adaptation into a manga (drawn by Koume Keito).


On June 12, a business tie-up between the #1 cellular phone novel website Mahou no Island and MediaWorks (the publisher of the #1 light novel label Dengeki Bunko) was formed. As a result, a new bunko label titled Mahou no Island Bunko (temporary title) will start in fall 2007.

This bunko will feature novels from Mahou no Island's extensive line-up, and will be published by MediaWorks every month. The price will be between 530-570 yen for each book.

Source: CNET Japan

According to a Super Dash Bunko advertisement that appeared in Weekly Shounen Jump No. 32 (7/9), Katayama Kentarou (Author) and Yamamoto Yamato (Illustrator)'s light novel series Kure-nai will be adapted into a manga.

The new manga will start in the first issue Shueisha's new magazine Jump Square (11/2). A preview of the manga will appear in Akamaru Jump (on sale in August).

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Broccoli Books announced at Anime Expo 2007 that it will be releasing a new World of Disgaea artbook based on Disgaea 2.

Also confirmed is the release of the first Disgaea novel.

Source: MangaCast

topMita Norifusa's Dragon Sakura ended in issue 30 of Kodansha's Morning, which was released on June 28th.

Boku no Shokibo na Seikatsu by Fukumitsu Shigeyuki will end in Morning No. 31, on sale July 5th.

topAlso, two light novel series will be adapted into their own manga series in the September issue of Media Work's Dengeki Comic Gao!:

  • Alison, written by Keiichi Sigsawa and illustrated by Kohaku Kuroboshi, will be adapted into a manga series by Hiroki Haruse.
  • Toradora!, written by Yuyuko Takemiya and illustrated by Yasu, will be adapted into a manga series by Zekkyou.

Source: Ultimatum Talk