Digital Manga Publishing recently created an account on the popular social networking website MySpace. DMP's MySpace news blog can be found here.

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Special Cross-Promotion Will Coincide With DVD Release Of NARUTO THE MOVIE: NINJA CLASH IN THE LAND OF SNOW

San Francisco, CA, September 12, 2007 - VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced a special cross-promotional partnership with the Langer Juice Company, a producer of a full range of top quality fruit juices, for a NARUTO THE MOVIE: Release Your Inner Ninja Online Sweepstakes. NARUTO is now one of the hottest manga and anime properties in North America and the campaign coincides with the DVD release of NARUTO THE MOVIE: NINJA CLASH IN THE LAND OF SNOW on September 4. The Release Your Inner Ninja Online Sweepstakes launched September 3, 2007 on the website

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According to Japan News Review, after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his resignation, various manga-related stocks experienced a sudden rise on Tokyo Stock Market. According to the report, the rise is mainly caused by the expectations that the manga-loving Taro Aso will most likely replace Abe:

Among the stocks that rose on Wednesday is the Tokyo-based card game company "Broccoli," whose stocks went up from 92 yen to 157 yen, a 71% rise. Major manga retailer Mandarake saw a 13% rise, while video game retailer Koei Net went up by 15%. Toei Animation, one of Japan's largest animation studios, and Kadokawa Group Holdings, a manga publisher, both rose 3%.

Anime! Anime! and PWCW report that Digital Manga Publishing has signed a new co-labeling contract with Japanese publishers Shinshokan, Oakla Shuppan and Taiyo Tosho:

All titles licensed by DMP from these publishers will carry the original Japanese publisher's logo as well as the DMP logo. "This has never been done within the manga industry [in the U.S.],??? DMP president and CEO Hikaru Sasahara said.

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Icarus Publishing has announced that in a few more days, it will become an official GS1 member:

In a couple of days, Icarus Publishing will become an official GS1 member. That means Comic AG will now carry a UPC code??? yup, no weaksauce third party UPC numbers, but our very own unique company UPC prefix! And for this priviledge all we needed to do was pay a $750 membership fee, plus a yearly $150 renewal fee.

Back in June when Asahi Sonorama announced its closure, it was mentioned that Asahi Shimbun would take over Sonorama's business operations.

According to the Sonorama Bunko Monthly Hotline, Asahi Shimbun will continue to publishthree of Sonorama's manga magazines, as well as the publication of all light novels, some of which will be released under a new light novel label called Asahi Bunko Sonorama Selection.


Shinbunka reports that Touen Shobo (Toen Shobo) has closed its business on August 31st. According to the report, Touen Shobo notified their lenders regarding an adjustment of their debts on August 24th.

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According to Canned Dogs, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure creator Araki Hirohiko has created a cover for a U.S.-based science journal titled Cell.

Also, ANN reports that Fist of the North Star artist Tetsuo Hara is premiering a children's anime series on the Japanese satellite channel KIDS STATION on November 5th.

Publishers Weekly reports that DC Comics is switching its book trade distribution from Warner Books/Hachette to Random House Publisher Services:

DC Comics is switching its book trade distribution to Random House Publisher Services after more than 20 years using Warner Books/Hachette for bookstore distribution. The switch will take place in spring 2008. DC will continue to use Diamond Comics Distributors to distribute to the comics shop market. The change teams one of the largest publishers of comics and graphic novels in the world with the book industry's largest and most far-reaching distribution service.

From Asahi Shimbun comes an article titled "Cashing in on Over-the-Counter Culture," which looks at the history of VIZ Media and its co-chairman Seiji Horibuchi.