Manga-Related Stocks Rise After News of Abe's Resignation

According to Japan News Review, after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his resignation, various manga-related stocks experienced a sudden rise on Tokyo Stock Market. According to the report, the rise is mainly caused by the expectations that the manga-loving Taro Aso will most likely replace Abe:

Among the stocks that rose on Wednesday is the Tokyo-based card game company "Broccoli," whose stocks went up from 92 yen to 157 yen, a 71% rise. Major manga retailer Mandarake saw a 13% rise, while video game retailer Koei Net went up by 15%. Toei Animation, one of Japan's largest animation studios, and Kadokawa Group Holdings, a manga publisher, both rose 3%.

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so shinzo abe will replace shinzo abe???

re: huh

I think he's referring to Taro Aso.

Lol yes, it was Taro Aso XD

Lol yes, it was Taro Aso XD Corrected.