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Go! Comi has announced the opening of its online store. Also available is a trailer of Go! Comi's upcoming manga TRAIN + TRAIN by Hideyuki Kurata.

LOS ANGELES,12 December 2006: The American Library Association (ALA) and graphic novel publisher Go! Comi announced today that renowned manga artist You Higuri has created an exclusive poster for the ALA's popular poster series. The poster depicts Cesare Borgia, the troubled hero of Ms. Higuri's graphic novel series Cantarella, a dark fantasy set during the Renaissance.

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Go! Comi has posted a 15-page preview of its upcoming manga Train + Train volume 1.

David Welsh interviews David Wise, the CEO of Go! Comi, in this week's Flipped column.

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Go! Comi has announced a Cantarella "Poison Poetry" Contest. To enter one must send in a poem written about character from You Higuri's Cantarella manga. According to the announcement, "The winning poem will be published in an upcoming volume of 'Cantarella,' accompanied by a drawing by Higuri-sensei herself based on the poem - and the winner will receive the original artwork."

Go! Comi has announced a newsletter-only contest. The prize will be a "special Her Majesty's Dog present" from Mick Takeuchi. People who subscribe to Go! Comi's email newsletter will receive more information on the contest on September 16th, including a description of the prize and a link to the entry on Go! Comi's website.

ANAHEIM, CA . Manga publisher Go! Comi announced the license of three new series during their panel at Anime Expo. The series are

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Go! Comi announces:

- "Black Sun, Silver Moon" by Tomo Maeda
- "Train + Train" by Hideyuki Kurata & Tomomasa Takuma
- "The Devil Within" by Ryo Takagi

This year Go! Comi is making a major appearance at Anime Expo from July 1-4 in Anaheim, CA. We'll be hosting a panel, sponsoring several big events, handing out cool goodies, doing a special raffle, and Guest of Honor Mick Takeuchi will be paying a visit to our booth!

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Go! Comi will be holding a panel at Anime Expo on Sunday, July 2nd, at 5:00 PM in Live Programming Room #2. Mick Takeuchi, the creator of Go! Comi's best-selling series "Her Majesty's Dog" will be participating. At the panel Go! Comi will announce several new series. Go! Comi wi'll also do an extensive presentation, and discuss "Her Majesty's Dog" with Takeuchi-sensei. Expect a few surprises as well!

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