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Go! Comi is currently looking for a new background artist, pin-up artists, digital colorists, and new logo artists. Also according to the announcement: "if you're an artist living in Japan or will be moving there soon, send me a note. We may be looking for an artist who did not grow up in Japan but who lives there for reasons I -- as usual -- can't discuss. ;-)"

Manga publisher Go! Comi has announced their first original series, "The Masque of the Red Death," written and drawn by Wendy Pini. Ms. Pini is the creator of "ElfQuest," one of the most popular and successful independent comics of all time. The announcement was made at New York Comic Con.

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Manga publisher Go! Comi announced three new series and one standalone title at their panel this weekend at New York Comic Con. The titles are evenly split between shojo and shonen titles, and include the latest from the creator of "Those Who Hunt Elves":

"LOVE MASTER A" is a series that tells the story of a girl whose inability to get a date causes her to transform the student council into a dating service.

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From MangaCast and ANN comes more reports of new manga licenses announced at NYCC:

Dark Horse
- Oh! My Goddess - First End (Novel) by Yumi Touma

Go! Comi
- Lamp no Ou-sama by Shigematsu Takako
- Hikkatsu! by Yagami Yu
- Kanna by Kirishima Takeru
- Love Master A by Hashimoto Kyouko

Viz Media
- Dragon Sword and Wind Child by Ogiwara Noriko
- Muhyo and Rosie's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation by Nishi Yoshiyuki

BLU Manga
- Takumi-kun Series by Ooya Kazumi/Gotou Shinobu

Legendary comic creator Wendy Pini ("ElfQuest") will be appearing at manga publisher Go! Comi's panel at New York Comic Con to announce a major new project, which she describes as "darkly exciting and adult oriented." The panel will be held at 2:00 PM on Saturday, February 24th. Wendy will be joined by her husband, Richard Pini, for an autograph session at Go! Comi's booth (#564) at 3:00 PM immediately after the panel.

Broccoli Books is looking for a new Freelance Translator. Also, Go! Comi is currently looking for a Director of Site Engineering.

Source: MangaBlog

Go! Comi has announced its schedule for the upcoming New York Comic-Con:

Friday, Feb. 23
- 2:30-3:30 PM
Capturing Female Readers: The Fastest Growing Audience for Comics

Saturday, Feb. 24
- 10:00 - Noon
Portfolio Reviews

- 2:00 PM
Go! Comi Takes Over the World

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Preview of Go! Comi's upcoming Black Sun, Silver Moon is now available on Go! Comi's website.

Manga publisher Go! Comi has announced that it will be hosting portfolio reviews for the first time ever at their booth during New York Comic Con. The reviews will be held at booth 564 on Saturday February 24th between 10:00 AM and noon. If you are talented, ambitious, and have a portfolio, the editors at Go! Comi wants to see your work.

Does this mean Go! Comi is planning to start publishing original material? Creative Director Audry Taylor answered this important question with a cryptic smile. "Come to our panel Saturday at 2:00 PM and you'll find out."

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The American Library Association and Go! Comi announced today that the poster and bookmark based on You Higuri's manga series "Cantarella" are now available on the ALA Graphics website. This is the first time a Japanese manga artist has created a poster for the ALA Graphics program. All sales will benefit the programs and initiatives of the American Library Association. For more information, see the ALA Graphics website:

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