Go! Comi Announces Three New Manga Series

ANAHEIM, CA . Manga publisher Go! Comi announced the license of three new series during their panel at Anime Expo. The series are:

TRAIN + TRAIN by Hideyuki Kurata & Tomomasa Takuma:

On the distant planet of Deloca, teenagers are enrolled in either the standard School Train...or the Special Train, an exclusive education system that takes them across the planet to develop them into above-average adults. Shy and meek Ryuuichi finds himself onboard the Special Train when a run-in with a rebellious girl named Arena turns his life upside-down, forcing him to face dangers that will make him learn the true meaning of living.

TRAIN + TRAIN Is the work of Hideyuki Kurata, author of the hit manga "Read or Die," as well as the scriptwriter for the various anime versions; has was also the scriptwriter for such popular anime series as "Excel Saga," "Battle Athletes," "GUNxSWORD," "Magical Girl Pretty Sammy" and the "Helsing" OAV,

TRAIN + TRAIN was originally published by MediaWorks and runs six volumes. The series is scheduled to release on a quarterly basis beginning December 2006.


This supernatural comedy is the story Taki, whose family's debts to the church have made him an indentured servant of a priest named Shikimi. By day Taki must do a mountain of chores that would make Cinderella faint - but his after-hours work is really a killer, as he and the priest go on nightly missions to exterminate the hordes of zombies plaguing the town! To make matters worse, Shikimi announces that he's turning into a demon himself, and one day Taki will have to kill him as well!

"Black Sun, Silver Moon" was originally published by Shinshokan and runs five volumes. It is scheduled to be released on a quarterly basis beginning in early 2007.

THE DEVIL WITHIN by Ryou Takagi:

Rion is convinced that all men are devils - which is unfortunate, considering she's being ardently pursued a trio of jaw-droppingly hot guys! But Rion only has eyes for Tenshi-kun, a dead ringer for her childhood sweetheart - but who is really a teenager trapped in the body of a ten-year-old! Devils and angels collide in this bishie-fest from noted boy's-love creator Ryou Takagi.

"The Devil Within" was originally published by Shinshokan and runs two volumes. It is scheduled to be released in early 2007.

About Go! Comi:
In just eight months since its 2005 launch, Go! Comi has produced a best-selling manga (HER MAJESTY'S DOG) and gained a fervent following among fans for the excellence of its series and top-notch production values. Go! Comi is the publishing imprint of Go! Media Entertainment, LLC, a new company founded by Emmy Award-winning writer/producer David Wise. The company is dedicated to expanding the market for manga by licensing series, developing new series in collaboration with Japanese creators, and creating innovative manga-related products for the U.S. market.