ROAD Wins February Competition - March Competitors Announced!

(MARCH 3, 2008- New York, NY) —After a month of fierce competition, Eddie Sharam and James Woodhead's ROAD was voted by readers as the winner of the February 2008 competition.

About ROAD: Felix lives in a futuristic world where there is a road that you can travel down your whole life that will never end or repeat. Felix will attempt to solve the riddle of this Road. ROAD will continue as a regularly updating web comic at

ROAD joins previous winners of competitions, including David Gallaher and Steve Ellis' High Moon, Nicholas Doan and Daniele Serra's Pray for Death and Sheldon Vella's Supertron.

Listed below are descriptions of the entries for the March 2008 competition. Biographical information for the creators is available on request.

Title: Among the Silver Stars
Writer: Chris Wichtendahl
Artist: Ariel Iacci
Summary: A young boy has a secret life of wonder. Then that secret goes away, and all that's left is mundane. It comes back once he no longer wants it and makes him see how corrupt the wonder really was.

Title: The Black Cherry Bombshells
Writers: John Zito & Tony Trov
Artist: Sacha Borisich
Colors: Alex Bruno
Summary: Every man on Earth was mutated into a zombie. Now, ultra-violent gangs of women battle for survival. The Black Cherry Bombshells are the baddest of them all. They run booze and bust heads! Woe to anyone stupid enough to get in their way.

Title: Day of Fish
Writer/Artist: Ramon Cavalcante
Summary: Day of Fish is a story that plays with the relationship between the fishermen and their prey. Anyone who has fished knows how the activity is pleasant – except for fish.

Title: Laura's Bazaar
Writer/Artist: Axel Medellin
Summary: Laura D'Leon is the new owner of the Bazaar, the storing place of every magical thing, mythical being or imaginary creature ever conceived. She's turned it into a business, and the world might not survive her opening week.

Title: The Litterbox Chronicles
Writer/Artist: Wes Molebash
Summary: Have you ever wondered what your cats are doing when you’re not at home? Follow along with Sophie and Stella and get an inside look at the private lives of two average housecats!

Title: Little Inventor
Writer/Artist: Igor Noronha
Summary: This all-ages comic shows the daily life of Ted, a young kid born with a gift: he can build things from scratch! Either in school or at home, he's always planning what's going to be his next invention.

Title: Rojo Fernandez: Son of Wind
Writer/Artist: Gabriel Bautista
Summary: Being the son of the wind god has never been easy, especially when your dad only shows up to ask for favors and never sticks around long enough to say "happy birthday" or even give you the mandatory "birds and the bees" talk.

Title: Sam & Lilah
Writer: Jim Dougan
Artist: Hyeondo Park
Summary: Sam & Lilah are fashionable urban twentysomethings whose budding love affair is imperiled by a gypsy curse. Manga-inspired modern-day mythology. Slice of life meets the supernatural – in Technicolor.

Title: TIME - Tiempo
Writer/Artist: Mario Espinoza
Summary: The last work of a great watchmaker before dying.

Title: Yuletide
Writer/Artist: Tony Tobin
Summary: The folklore of midwinter traditions across the globe are brought together and re-imagined in an epic adventure of magic and wonder. The holidays may be over, but the adventure has just begun!

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