Introducing Ebooks!!

Richmond, CA ・ March 1st, 2008 Today, Infinity Studios LLC is proud to announce the introduction of our all digital ebooks.

Starting on March 1st 2008, Infinity Studios will be offering ebook editions of all new titles scheduled to be released; available for purchase only through the Infinity Studios website. This includes Zero volume 4 and Sweety volume 3 which were originally scheduled for release in February 2008.

The purpose of these ebooks is to meet the needs of anxious fans and to allow us to skip the printing process which has so often delayed our release schedule in the past. While we do plan to continue printing a few titles as hard copy books, Infinity Studios will be releasing certain titles only in the ebook format. In addition, Infinity Studios will be releasing some of its earlier unfinished titles (which were on hold) in the new ebook formats. We hope that returning customers will support this new format, and that new & old customers alike will continue to enjoy our products.

The ebooks are in PDF format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader which is downloadable for free online.

Sweety Volume 3 eBook is now available for purchase

Zero Volume 4 eBook is now available for purchase

Popo Can Volume 2 eBook available March 15

Peigenz Volume 6 eBook available March 15

ebook Release Schedule:
March 1st ・Sweety Volume 3
March 1st ・ZERO Volume 4
March 15th ・Popo Can Volume 2
March 15th ・Peigenz Volume 6
April 1st ・NOW Volume 4
April 1st ・Adrenalin Volume 1
April 15th ・Animal Paradise Volume 3
April 15th ・Na Na Na Na Volumes 1 & 2
April 15th ・Peigenz Volume 7
May 1st ・NOW Volume 5