DrMaster Announces The Continuation Of Dark Edge With The Publication Of Volume 7

San Jose, CA, September, 2007. DrMaster has reacquired the rights to the popular zombies-and-vampires action-comedy, Dark Edge by Yu Aikawa. Volume 7 will be released April 2007, with volume 8 following in July 2008!

imgAfter his mother's death, Kuro Takagi transfers to Yotsuji Private High School where his father is the headmaster. But Yotsuji is no ordinary high school—it doesn't allow students to remain on campus past 5 o'clock! On his first day of class, Kuro and his classmates inadvertently break this rule and find themselves victims of a zombie attack. Although they manage to narrowly escape, this is but a prelude to more encounters with the undead, especially after Kuro discovers his own blood-ties and latent zombie abilities. From there, it's full steam ahead as this dark and intense action/comedy shifts into high gear.

Yu Aikawa's major works include Seikon no Joka and Dark Edge from Media Works and Gokuraku-Maru from Gentosha Comics, for which she got an honorable mention in Shogakukan's Comic Grand Prix Shonen manga division. She is currently working on Wizard's Nation, published by Gentosha Comics.

Praise for Dark Edge:

"A really enjoyable zombie romp with a manga edge to it." -IGN.com

"A lot of fun zombie hunting action, mystery and twists surrounding the Nosferatu conspiring against each other, and a good mix of tongue-in-cheek humor from Yu Aikawa. Yes, Dark Edge can be incredibly corny at times, but the creator understands this and even pokes fun at herself with small comments in the panels." -animeondvd.com

Dark Edge, volumes 1-6 available now! Volume 7 will be available in April 2008. Visit www.drmasterbooks.com for more detailed series information.

Author:Yu Aikawa
ISBN: 978-1-59796-027-4
Pub date: 04/25/2008
Format: Paperback/B&W
Number of pages: 192
Rating: 15+
Price: $9.95