DrMaster Talks Junk!

San Jose, CA, April 2007. DrMaster Publications Inc. has just announced the publication of Junk, volume 2, by acclaimed author Kia Asamiya, creator of works such as Silent Möbius, Martian Successor Nadesico, Steam Detectives and Dark Angel.

Hiro is a high-school student who refuses to go to school after a traumatic run-in with the local bullies. But his feeble life is forever changed when, one day, he applies online for a new gadget called JUNK. Once the mysterious package arrives, he activates the gadget and finds himself encased within a powered-armor JUNK suit. Apparently, the clothes do indeed make the man as Hiro is granted abilities far beyond anything the muscle-bound jocks at his school could ever dream. Soon after, he embarks on nightly rampages, bent on getting back at the bullies who tormented him until he discovers that there is another with a unit nearly identical to his own. The owner of the other JUNK is a woman who isn't all pleased with Hiro's abuse of his newfound powers, and expresses her displeasure with a beat-down! In the ensuing fracas, he destroys his own home and takes out his parents! Whoops! Now, this social pariah must learn how to use his powers wisely and how to tread the thin line between good and evil.

"Different, refreshing and fast-paced."-manganews.net

"If you want something a little different and like the idea of a really flawed 'hero' then 'Junk' is for you."-animeondvd.com

Kia Asamiya debuted in 1986 and started serializing Silent Möbius in 1988, gradually increasing in popularity because of his unique art and style. His successes did not stop there, as his works were made into CDs, movies, novel series and games. His name became widely known in the comic world and he started drawing cover illustrations for magazines and cine-manga. Some of his major works include Steam Detectives, EVIL-kun, Corrector Yui, Martian Successor Nadesico, and Dark Angel. He has worked on comic version of Star Wars: Episode 1 by George Lucas. He was the first Japanese artist to work on Uncanny X-MEN from Marvel Comics. He has also worked on BATMAN: Child of Dreams from DC Comics, Phoenix Resurrection: Dark Angel from Image Comics, STAR WARS TALES from Dark Horse, and in 2005, was asked by Marvel Comics to work on a short story for X-MEN: Age of Apocalypse 2. He has just completed JUNK, which ended at vol.7.


Junk, volumes 1-2 are available NOW with volume #3 shipping in June 2007 for $9.95. Visit www.drmasterbooks.com for more detailed series information.

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