DrMaster Publications To Release Purgatory Kabuki Vol.1, JUNK Vol.5, and Iron Wok Jan vol. 27

San Jose, CA, December 2007. DrMaster has just announced the publication of Purgatory Kabuki volume 1 by Yasushi Suzuki, Junk volume 5 by Kia Asamiya, and Iron Wok Jan volume 27, the final volume of the popular series by author Shinji Saiyjo.

Purgatory Kabuki v1
Purgatory Kabuki is a samurai action story set in the underworld or afterlife. For reasons unknown, Imanoturugi, a former samurai, is obsessed with leaving the afterlife. To die in battle is a samurai's greatest honor. Yet, now Imanoturugi must claim 1000 swords from the fallen warriors who now share residence in the dark underworld. By these and these means alone, this highly skilled blades master will be allowed admittance back into the living world. But to what end? Upon what stone purpose does he sharpen his edge? The story borrows heavily from various Japanese legends and myths. A skillfully mixed bag of action, suspense, classic ukiyoe style art and intrigue definitely worth reading.

Junk v5
The advent of the third JUNK brings a new reign of terror to Tokyo as the white JUNK is overpowered by its superior technology. Meanwhile, Hiro goes to Okinawa to visit Ryoko, who is recuperating from the kidnapping incident. As they come to terms with each other, will Hiro find what he is missing in his life? Don't miss this new installment of the series Junk!

Iron Wok Jan v27
After Jan reveals his unspeakable ingredient too sickening even to be mentioned, the ostriches go wild turning the competition arena upside down. But, not to worry, there is still one battle left. Who will come out victorious? Whet your appetites for the final volume of Iron Wok Jan! You don’t want to miss the tantalizing action of the final battle as the cooking battle saga of the two houses Akiyama and Gobancho closes its curtain after three generations.

Also included: A special alternate ending and Shinji Saijyo’s debut manga What Mysterious Fellows!!

The three titles are available for pre-order now, and will be shipped out on 14 December. Each one will be priced at $9.95.
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