Drmaster Announces Street Date of February 25, 2008 for Metro Survive, Volume 1!

San Jose, CA, September 2007. DrMaster Publications Inc. has just announced the anticipated street date for Metro Survive, volume 1, a suspenseful tale that envisions the bleak future of Tokyo and its ten lone survivors after a catastrophic earthquake rocks the city.

Mishima is your average spineless pushover, working as a repairman for the Exopolis Tower, Tokyo's largest and hottest high-rise business and entertainment building. He promises to come home in time to celebrate his son's birthday, but when he lets his pushy boss saddle him with overtime, the task takes him all night. On the morning subway train heading home, a massive earthquake strikes and collapses both Exopolis and its underground train lines. Now Mishima is trapped deep underground with the other passengers of the train, some of which are less than cooperative. Will he be able to take the initiative for once and lead them all to freedom, or will they starve in their underground prison?

Yuki Fujisawa is a writer/manga artist currently residing in Tokyo. His most famous manga work is the SF/horror manga BM (Bio-meat) Nectar from Akita Publishing. His career as manga artist started in 1988 when he receives honorable mention at Shogakukan's Comic Grand Prix in shonen manga division. He works on couple series in Shogakukan, but doesn’t have any hits. After switching publishers, he settles down with Akita Publishing. He is currently working on Region, a survival manga that takes place after a catastrophe strikes Japan.

Metro Survive, volume 1 will be available February 25, 2008 for $9.95. Visit www.drmasterbooks.com for more detailed series information.

Author:Yuki Fujisawa
ISBN: 978-1-59796-125-7
Pub date: 02/25/2008
Format: Paperback/B&W
Number of pages: 208
Rating: 15+
Price: $9.95

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