Juné by Digital Manga Publishing

Gardena, CA, October 24, 2006 – Juné by Digital Manga Publishing, America's largest yaoi publisher, wrapped up its 2006 convention at Yaoi Con 2006 October 20-22, 2006 with a slew of new title announcements and a few surprises for the attendees.

The titles announced included:

1. Love Recipe by Kiriko Higashizato
2. In the Walnut by Toko Kawai
3. Picnic by Yugi Yamada
4. Othello by Toui Hasumi
5. Sweet Whisper by Hyouta Fujiyama
6. World's End by Eiki Eiki
7. Ordinary Crush by Hyouta Fujiyama
8. Can't Win With You by Yukine Honami and Satosumi Takaguchi
9. Words of Devotion by Keiko Konno
10. Nakimushi na Little by Keiko Kinoshita
11. Lover's Flat by Hyouta Fujiyama
12. Invisible Boy by Hotaru Odagiri
13. Ai no Kusabi (novels) by Reiko Yoshihara

"This Yaoi Con was really great for DMP. And we were happy to please the fans with a bunch of licenses they have been waiting for! The only semi-disappointment was the bishounen auction; we were hoping to auction off a couple of the DMP employees but they backed out at the last minute," explains Erica Jeng, General Manager.

Love Recipe Volume 1

Written and illustrated by: Kiriko Higashizato

Rated 18+; MSRP: $12.95 – June 18, 2007

Tomonori Ozawa has just landed a job at a large publishing firm. The catch? He is the new editor of a Boy's Love magazine?! On top of that, he is stuck with dealing with the artist Sakurako Kakyoin, a male yaoi artist who is notorious for missing his deadlines. To become a full fledged editor, Tomonori-kun has to start from the bottom – checking drafts, editing scripts and lettering. Now if only Kakyoin-sensei would stop sexually harassing him, he could actually get some work done!

In the Walnut Volume 1

Written and illustrated by: Toko Kawai

Rated 16+; MSRP: $12.95 – July 11, 2007

What do a gallery owner, Hideo Tanizaki, and a young, naïve filmmaker, Sohei Nakai, have in common? Well, both of them are 24-years-old – that's a good start. They both graduated from the same art school – that can't hurt either. The fact that Tanizaki has a perchance for art forgery is just one "minor" difference between the two that Tanizaki hopes to rectify pretty quickly.


Written and illustrated by: Yugi Yamada

Rated 18+; MSRP: $12.95 – July 18, 2007

Relationships are tough, but relationships between friends can be even tougher. That's what Koreeda discovers when Noda – one of his college buddies – offers to become "friends with benefits." Until recently, Koreeda has had a serious girlfriend. But now he's on the rebound and looking for something different… something real.


Written and illustrated by: Toui Hasumi

Rated 16+; MSRP: $12.95 – July 18, 2007

After Atsushi dies in a horrible accident, his twin brother Ayumu decides to steal his identity and returns to school in his place. He attempts to hide his reckless behavior and assume persona of his honor student brother. However, for some reason, Ayumu is unable to hide his true colors and composure around his classmate Kirishima.

Sweet Whisper

Written and illustrated by: Hyouta Fujiyama

Rated 18+; MSRP: $12.95 – July 28, 2007

"Do not deceive a person. Do not threaten a person. Do not handcuff people. Any illegal activity is forbidden." This is an excerpt from the deal between Natsume the salarymen in sales and the college kid Touji. It all began with a little stalking, some handcuffs, and an unexpected night in the slammer. Where will this budding love lead?

World's End

Written and illustrated by: Eiki Eiki

Rated 16+; MSRP: $12.95

The shocking conclusion to Dear Myself.

Ordinary Crush

Written and illustrated by: Hyouta Fujiyama

Rated 16+; MSRP: $12.95 – August 22, 2007

Nanase and Heiji are supposed to be two the only straight guys in a school where 90% of the students are rumored to be gay (or bi). When a simple White Day exchange of chocolates starts to go awry, however, sometimes the consequences are unavoidable.

Can't Win With You Volume 1

Written by: Satosumi Takaguchi and illustrated by: Yukine Honami

Rated 18+; MSRP: $12.95 – August 15, 2007

Shuuiku Academy is an elite all-boys school, home to a dormitory full of aspiring young students. But when the dorm's lights go out, the exited cheers of handsome young men fill the hallways! Watch as love and ambition bloom in this wildly popular boy's dormitory tale.

Words of Devotion Volume 1

Written and illustrated by: Keiko Konno

Rated 18+; MSRP: $12.95 – August 15, 2007

After graduating from high school, Tachibana and Otani have finally confessed their love for each other and are living together. However, their co-habitation is totally ruined when they run into an old high school buddy, Yuki. Otani has always been suspicious of the friendship between Tachibana and Yuki. And honestly, his suspicions may not be that far off…

Nakimushi na Little (Little Crybaby)

Written and illustrated by: Keiko Kinoshita

Rated 16+; MSRP: $12.95 – August 1, 2007

College student Kishino-kun is a slightly blundering, but cute and adorable guy that everyone loves. Classmate Fujimoto-kun is resident ladies man, but you can always count on him to bail you out of a sticky situation. What happens when these two fall in love?

Lover's Flat

Written and illustrated by: Hyouta Fujiyama

Rated 18+; MSRP: $12.95 – August 1, 2007

A bit of Christmas merriment leads to a night of passion between Natsu and Kouno. How do the two plan on handling "the morning after?"

Invisible Boy

Written and illustrated by: Hotaru Odagiri

Ai no Kusabi (Novels)

Written and illustrated by: Reiko Yoshihara

Currently 5 volumes and counting, these novels tell the story behind the hit yaoi OVA, Ai no Kusabi.


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