Viz Confirms that It Has No Plans for Ichigo 100% in Latin America

Papo de Budega has conducted a small interview with Viz Media regarding the release status of its manga titles in Latin America. Contrary to what has been said on numerous Latin web forums, Viz currently has no plans to release Ichigo 100% and Megaman: Starforce in Latin America.

According to Viz Media's Senior Director Public Relations Evelyn Dubocq: "We are not planning to sell Megaman: Starforce or Ichigo100% [in Latin America]." According to Evelyn, the recent rumors are not official and have nothing to do with Viz Media.

Regarding the Bleach anime, Evelyn confirmed that Viz is happy with the Brazilian dub studio (the same studio that worked on Zatch Bell and Naruto), which confirm that Bleach will be dubbed by Dublart.

Source: Papo de Budega