WCS 2007 News

The World Cosplay Summit takes place every year in Japan. This year 11 countries are participating. Cosplayers from each country will participating in teams of 2. In 2006 marked the entrance of Brazil in the event (and later the Brazilian pair became the winner).

This year, Mexico will be entering the contest (along with Brazil, China, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Singapore, France, Mexico, Spain and sure, Japan). Another unnamed country will also participate. Three countries, Germany, Italy and Spain, have already finished chosen their participants, will Brazil is currently picking Brazil its own participant. More information can be found on the WCS 2007 official site.

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Why is this on comipress??

Why is this on comipress??

Why not? Last year's winner

Why not? Last year's winner cosplayed characters from the Angel Sanctuary manga, it's an event that's related to manga/anime.

Or maybe it's just that the people who run ComiPress are ego-maniac dictators who can post about anime, about games, about politics, or about the Napoleonic wars on ComiPress if they so decide to.

If you can provide a constructive and convincing enough argument as to why ComiPress should not report this, then we won't in the future.