Brazilian Brothers Win World Cosplay Summit 2006

Brazilian brothers Monica and Mauri­cio Somenzari Leite Olivas are the winners of World Cosplay Summit 2006. The two cosplayed as Rosiel and Alexiel from Angel Sanctuary. Go Nagai (from the jury) said that the two brothers represented Brazil well: "Their presentation was good, and impressed all us". This is the first time Brazil participated in the World Cosplay Summit.

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Isn't it supposed to be

Isn't it supposed to be siblings instead of brothers? I saw the article and all I see is one gal and one guy (loosely said). Pretty impressive stuff especially the Italy representatives

Yeah, one was named Monica

Yeah, one was named Monica and LOOKED like a female. Maybe she used to be a man. Now THAT'S a dedicated cosplayer! O_O

I think there were much better entries, frankly. I don't see why they won. :-?

"Os irmãos Maurício e

"Os irmãos Maurício e Mônica Somenzari surpreenderam o público e os jurados"

In Portuguese "irmãos" can mean both "brothers" or "siblings that happen to include at least 1 male." So the English is actually mistranslated.