Top Selling Weekly Magazine in 2006 has posted a list of the top selling weekly magazine in Japan in 2006, while only three manga magazines appeared on the list, Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump took the No.1 spot. Note that the sales information are based on figures from the Bunkyodo store, and does not represent the entire Japanese market.

  1. Weekly Shonen Jump
  2. Weekly Bunshun
  3. Weekly Shonen Magazine
  4. Weekly Shinchou
  5. Weekly Famitsu
  6. Weekly TV Guide Kantou Edition
  7. Weekly Shonen Sunday
  8. The-Television Capital Edition
  9. an-an
  10. oricon style
  11. Weekly Gendai
  12. Josei Seven
  13. Weekly Post
  14. Josei Jisin
  15. Weekly Diamond