Mangaka of Oolong Yuan Celebrates 50th Birthday


oolongyuanAo Yu-hsiang, a Taiwanese mangaka known for his long-running Chinese comedy Oolong Yuan, recently celebrated his 50th birthday.

Ao Yu-hsiang has created over 200 works in the last 30 years. His most popular series, Oolong Yuan (乌龙院), has a worldwide circulation of over 20,000,000 volumes. Today, Ao Yu-hsiang is called by many Chinese fans as the "God of Chinese Comic."

To celebrate Ao Yu-hsiang's birthday, a special "Oolong Yuan Art Collection" artbook will be released. The artbook will contain various colored artworks and short stories from the Oolong Yuan series.

Also, last Thursday it was announced that Oolong Yuan will be adapted into an 52-episode anime TV series in China next month.

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