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US News and Information

ActiveAnime - Anime news and reviews.

AniDB - Anime database.

Anime News Network - Anime and Manga news.

Anime News Service - Anime news, currently inactive.

Anime On DVD - Anime and Manga reviews, make sure to stop by the forum.

AnimeNfo - Anime and Manga information.

Anipike - The most comprehensive link database for Anime, Manga, Gaming, and more.

Comic Book Awards Almanac - Encyclopedia of comic awards.

Diamond Previews

ICv2 - Internal Correspondence version 2, pop culture news and information.

Manga News - Manga news and information.

Mechademia - Interdisciplinary journal for Anime, Manga, and the Fan Arts.

Natsume Goushin Ryu Dojo - Anime and Manga news.

PRISMS - "Ultimate Manga Guide," has not been updated since 2004.

Japan News and Information

Akiba Blog - An otaku blog!

AnimeAnime - One of the biggest Japanese Anime news site.

Aoiya - Manga news and information.

B-Kan - Manga news.

Golgo 31 - Anime, Manga, Gaming news, has very interesting articles.

HoChiSo - Serialization Updates.

ituMag - Manga anthology information.

J-Magazine - Manga anthology information.

Mangav - Manga artist information.

Moon Phase - Anime news blog.

Nifty AnimeFan - Anime news.

OHP - Manga anthology news and information.

Shounen Jump Log Warehouse - Shounen Jump sales info.



Ultimatum - Anime, Manga, and Gaming news, releases, informations, and more.

White Data Mansion - Manga and Anime news and impression.

Yahoo! News - Yahoo! Anime and Manga news.

Yamakam - Provides interesting Manga news and articles.




Google Maps Satellite Links in Japan


Comic Weblog Updates

Comics Worth Reading

Irresponsible Pictures - Interesting Manga news and views, currently semi-active.

Love Manga

Manga Cast - Manga release information, reviews, news, and articles.

Manga Talk

MangaBlog - Manga news, articles, and impressions.

The Beat

The Comics Reporter


Animebooks - Anime/Manga/Gaming Artbooks.

AnimeNation - Anime store, news, articles.

Animaxis - (JP) Anime store and news.

HimeyaShop - Japanese Games.

JP Queen - Used Manga, Arbtooks, Doujinshi, and more, very cheap.

Manga no Mori - (JP)

Mangaoh - (JP) Manga anthology, Anime, and more.

Nippon Export

RightStuf - Online store.



Type-Moon - Type-Moon website.

N - N, one of the best free platformers available on the net.

Southcn - Chinese Anime, Manga news and media.

The Magic Box - Gaming news.

Blue-Ghost - Bgai!