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Shuukan: Weekly
Bessatsu: Extra Issue, Additional Volume, can be monthly
Gekkan: Monthly

Male oriented manga magazines:
- Shounen (boy's) manga magazines
- Seinen (young men's) manga magazines
- Seijin (adult men's) manga magazines
- Bishoujo (male oriented pretty girls) manga magazines

Female oriented manga magazines:
- Shoujo (girl's) manga magazines
- Josei (young women's) manga magazines
- Redikomi (adult women's) manga magagzines
- Yaoi/BL (female oriented pretty boys) manga magazines

Otowa group:
- Kodansha (publishing the Shonen Magazine line)
- Kobunsha

Hitotsubashi group:
- Shueisha (publishing Shonen Jump line of manga magazines)
- Shogakukan (publishing Shonen Sunday manga magazine)
- Hakusensha (publishing Young Animal manga magazine).
- King Records (now independent of Kodansha's record division, sometimes included in the Otowa group)

The names Otowa and Hitotsubashi probably refer to the fact that the main offices of the various companies are located in the Otowa and Hitotsubashi areas in Tokyo. The two groups have been rivals for a long time.

Kadokawa Holdings group:
- Kadokawa Shoten (publishes Newtype magazine)
- Media Works (publishes Dengeki line of magazines including Animaga)
- Enterbrain (absorbed by the Kadokawa Holdings group, prints quite a few video game magazines ie: Famitsu)

Tatsumi Group:
- Tatsumi Shuppan
- Sogotosho
- Soryusha
- Fujimi Shuppan