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Rumic World

Rumic World is one of the most complete English guide to the works of renowned female manga artist Rumiko Takhashi.

The large fansite consists of 7 series-specific subsites: Tomobiki-cho, Life at Maison Ikkoku, Ranma ½ Perfect Edition, The Inuyasha Companion, Mermaid's Flesh, The Ring & The Rosary and Rumic Theater.

Over 10 years old (counting its subsites), Rumic World is one of the oldest site of its kind, and it continues to grow as new works from Rumiko Takahashi are published every week in Japan.

A Brief History

Rumic World is a nice, big collective of Rumiko Takahashi fansites.

While the individual subsites that make up Rumic World have been around much longer, the official birthday of Rumic World is May 28, 2002. On that day, Harley Acres, Dylan Acres and Mason Proulx official merged their own fansites, giving birth to the Rumic World we see today.

Rumic World is currently the largest English fansite dedicated to Rumiko Takahashi. Filled with useful information and guides, Rumic World continues to grow as new fans are being introduced to the works of Rumiko Takahashi.

Tomobiki-cho, being the oldest (March 1996) site of Rumic World, was originally hosted at www.tomobiki.com. Tomobiki-cho's Mason has written a comprehensive history of the site, which can be found here. Dylan Acres' Life at Maison Ikkoku, created in August 1997, was the next oldest site, and for a very long time it was hosted at Geocities. Dylan has writing diligently each year an article about Maison Ikkoku, his site, and his life. The articles can be found in the Article section of Rumic World. Harley Acres' Ranma ½ Perfect Edition came next in 1998, and was first launched on Geocities.

In 2000, Takahashi began publishing Inuyasha. As a result The Inuyasha Companion was born. It was also around that time when the Acres brothers decided they're going to create a site for everything Takahashi did, and ever will do. In October 2001, Perfect Edition moved to furinkan.com, which eventually became the address for of Rumic World.

Although back then Harley and Dylan didn't know Mason at all, their sites were heavily influenced by Tomobiki-cho's design and scope. In fact, Harley sent Mason an email when he first found Mason's site in the early days of being online (in 1997), but never heard back from Mason. To Harley, Mason was something of a celebrity, because he owned his own domain name and was always cited as one of the "big deal" sites on Anipike and elsewhere in the 1990s. According to Harley, "in those days his [Mason's] site looked so much better than a lot of the big companies like Viz.com."

When Harley and Dylan became serious about Rumic World, they hoped that Tomobiki-cho would fill the Urusei Yatsura slot, despite their thought that it might be a bit ridiculous for "a pillar of the online anime community" to have anything to do with their "little sites." Around that time, Tomobiki.com had actually been shut down and disappeared, so Harley used Archive.org to find Mason's email address and explained to Mason what they were trying to do. Mason did not reply at first, and that summer Harley started writing the first few pages of a new Urusei Yatsura site. Then about three or four months later, Mason contacted the brothers and said he'd love to come on board. After some planning, on May 28, 2002, all paths intersected and Rumic World was born at furinkan.com/rumic (at the time Ranma ½ Perfect Edition was still the main page of furinkan.com).

After Rumic World launched, sub-sites for Takahashi's shorter series were created one after another. In August 2002, the Inuyasha anime debuted on Cartoon Network, and Rumic World's traffic sky-rockets virtually overnight.

Throughout the years Rumic World has built a close relationship with Toshifumi Yoshida, who was with Viz back then and worked on many of Takahashi's works, including Ranma and Inuyasha.

On October 28, 2007, Dylan Acres was interviewed by Comic World News' David Welsh on the Flipped column. In the interview, "Fandemonium," Dylan talks about Rumiko Takahashi, her works, and Rumic World.

In December of 2007, The Rumic World Messageboard, which has been powered by ezBoard for over six years, made the switched to Yuku.

Today, Rumic World is without a doubt the most comprehensive English Rumiko Takahashi fansite on the internet, and its traffic continues to increase each week. For a more in-depth history of Rumic World, please visit each sub-site's respective sections.