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Rumic World

Rumic World is one of the most complete English guide to the works of renowned female manga artist Rumiko Takhashi.

The large fansite consists of 7 series-specific subsites: Tomobiki-cho, Life at Maison Ikkoku, Ranma ½ Perfect Edition, The Inuyasha Companion, Mermaid's Flesh, The Ring & The Rosary and Rumic Theater.

Over 10 years old (counting its subsites), Rumic World is one of the oldest site of its kind, and it continues to grow as new works from Rumiko Takahashi are published every week in Japan.



Rumic World is a nice, big collective of Rumiko Takahashi fansites.

While the individual subsites that make up Rumic World have been around much longer, the official birthday of Rumic World is May 28, 2002. On that day, Harley Acres, Dylan Acres and Mason Proulx official merged their own fansites, giving birth to the Rumic World we see today.

Rumic World is currently the largest English fansite dedicated to Rumiko Takahashi. Filled with useful information and guides, Rumic World continues to grow as new fans are being introduced to the works of Rumiko Takahashi.



Tomobiki-cho, the Urusei Yatsura part of Rumic World, is the oldest (March 1996) of all the subsites.

Created by Mason Proulx, Tomobiki-cho was originally launched at ottawa.net. After several redesigned, Tomobiki-cho relocates to tomobiki.com in 1997. Mason was a big part of early anime fandom on the internet, and his website can be seen as one of the "pillars" of the online anime community.

In early 2002, Harley and Dylan invited Mason to join a collective which would become Rumic World. Months later, Mason reads the email and agreed. After another redesign, Tomobiki-cho is finally re-launched with the other fansites under the collective umbrella of Rumic World.


Life at Maison Ikkoku

Life at Maison Ikkoku is a fansite dedicated to Rumiko Takahashi's romance manga Maison Ikkoku. Created by Dylan Acres in 1997, it is the second oldest site on Rumic World.

The site was initially launched under the name "Maison Ikkoku," and was later renamed to "Yusaku Godai's Life at Maison Ikkoku." At first the site was relatively small, but as time went on, it drew more attention from the fans.

Between 2001 - 2002, Yusaku Godai's Life at Maison Ikkoku experienced inactivity as Dylan became burdened with school work. In May of 2002, prior to the creation of Rumic World, Dylan gave the site another redesign, and finally renamed it to the shorter title of "Life at Maison Ikkoku."


Ranma ½ Perfect Edition

Ranma ½ Perfect Edition is Harley Acres' contribution to Rumic World.

Already a Ranma ½ fan, Harley created Ranma ½ Perfect Edition on June 5, 1998 as a site on Geocities. Although Ranma ½ Perfect Edition wasn't as polished as some of its competitors (there were tons of Ranma ½ fansites at the time), it grew as Harley's skill with web design grew.

In October of 2001, Perfect Edition moved to furinkan.com, which eventually became the address for Rumic World. After Rumic World launched in May 2002, Perfect Edition became its home page until early 2003, when Perfect Edution was redesigned and moved to its own subsection so that Rumic World could move front and center.


The Inuyasha Companion

The Inuyasha Companion is a fan site dedicated to Rumiko Takahashi's latest - and longest - manga, Inuyasha.

By the time Takahashi started publishing Inuyasha, Harley and Dylan had already decided to follow everything she did. It was a big decision for the brothers to take on a third website at that point, and it moved the project from a hobby to something more serious. This was the true genesis of Rumic World.

The brothers created The Inuyasha Companion in October of 2000. In 2002, soon after the site became a part of Rumic World, the Inuyasha anime debuts on Cartoon Network at midnight. Rumic World's traffic sky-rockets virtually overnight, and continue to increase significantly each week thereafter.


Rumic shorts

Rumic Theater, The Ring and the Rosary and Mermaid's Flesh are fansites to Rumiko Takahashi's three shorter works, namely One-Pound Gospel, the Rumic World/Theater/Trilogy series and the Mermaid Saga.

After their decision to create The Inuyasha Companion, the Acres brothers realized that they were basically going to have to create a site for everything Takahashi did, which includes things like the Mermaid Saga, One-Pound Gospel and her short stories.

Rumic Theater was developed by Harley in 2000 over the course of a weekend. After Rumic World's birth in May of 2002, Mermaid's Flesh was added to the collective by Harley and Dylan a few months later. Finally in 2003, Dylan designs and launches The Ring and the Rosary, thus completing their quest to cover all the works Takahashi did up to that point.

Due to the relatively small size of these sites, all three sites will be covered in one section.