July, 2006

Bandai Manga licenses the original manga adaptation of Witchblade.

Tokyopop licenses:

- "Wild Adapter" by Kazuya Minekura
- "Gakuen Heaven" by You Higuri
- "Soul Rescue" by Kanno Aya
- "Kilala Princess" by Nao Kodaka
- “'Nosats' Junkie" by Fukuyama Ryouko
- "More of Somedays Dreamer" by Yamada Norie & Yoshizuki Kumichi
- "Sex Pistols" (tentative title) by Kotobuki Tarako
From ADV:
- "Tactics" by Sakura Kinoshita
- "Peace Maker Kurogane" by Nanae Chrono
- "Aqua" by Kozue Amano

Pop Fiction Line:
- "Scrapped Princess"
- "Kino no Tabi"
- "Chain Mail"
- "Calling You"
- "Gravitation 2 "

Serialization Update from Shounen/Seinen Anthologies.

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Broccoli Books announces:

Galaxy Angel 2 by Kanan
Kon Kon Kokon by Koge Donbo
Disgaea Game Character Collection Artbook

New titles from Seven Seas:

Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl ~ by Akahori Satoru
Kodomo no Jikan by Watashiya Kaoru
Shinigami no Ballad novel series by Hasegawa Keisuke

- http://anime.advancedmn.com/article.php?artid=2909&pg=1&comments=

AX2006: CLAMP Press Conference Transcript.

- http://www.animeondvd.com/conitem.php?item=258

AnimeOnDVD CLAMP Panel Report.

- http://irresponsible.patachu.com/2006/07/clamptastic.html

Irrepsonsible Pictures Clamp Panel Impression.

Test Drive this Revolutionary new PC software at the 15th Annual Anime Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center July 1-4, 2006.

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) June 29, 2006 -- Anime Expo 2006 Booth #912 -- Planetwide Games, an innovative publisher of online video games and interactive entertainment software, will be displaying and demonstrating their Comic Book Creator software at the 15th Annual Anime Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center from July 1-4, 2006.

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Five anime will be aired on the Brazilian Animax Channel (anime-only cable channel) in July:

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Random House plans to launch 15 titles (including XXXHolic and Tsubasa) in U.K. this August under its new Tanoshimi imprint, and plans to publish 45 titles over seven series by December.

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The first issue of Tokuma Shoten's Comic Ryu will be released on 9/19.