July, 2006

Over the last few years, the market for manga in Brazil has grown. There is now a much larger number of Japanese cartoons available at newsstands and bookshops for all tastes and in all formats.

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imgThe Yomiuri Shinbun has an article examining the growing popularity in Japan of reprinting classic manga from earlier eras, catering to older, original fans and people interested in the historical significance of earlier titles.

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Kyodo Printing (based in Bunkyoku, Tokyo. President: Yamaguchi Masahiro) has released a "Digital Manga-Creation" line, which is based on their full digital manga-creation system "ComicPacker" and their moire reduction technology "ComicScreen."

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Popular adult PC game Happiness! by Windmill will be adapted into an Anime TV Series this October.

Kyoshiro to Eien no Sora by Kaishaku will be adapted into an Anime.

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi by Matsuena Shun, currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday, will be adapted into an Anime.

A new Bishoujo magazine titled Comic Sigma+ will be released on 7/24. Comic Sigma+ will be the sisiter magazine of Comic Sigma, another new magazine from Akane Shinsha that will be launched in September.


Manga is now in the dictionary: "Manga: A Japanese comic book or graphic novel."

ANAHEIM, CA . Manga publisher Go! Comi announced the license of three new series during their panel at Anime Expo. The series are

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Gardena, CA July 3, 2006 - June by Digital Manga Publishing, the industry's largest yaoi publisher, has announced the debut of 5 new yaoi titles!

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Gardena, CA, July 3, 2006 - It is the year 12,090 A.D. The world has ended, ravaged in a firestorm of man's wars and madness. But from the wreckage a few humans have managed to survive. A few humans... and something else.

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Manga top 10 according to Tohan.

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Shissou Nikki (Disappearance Diary) by Hideo Azuma, Grand prize winner of the 2005 Japan Media Arts Festival and 2006 Tezuka Award winner, has been licensed by Ponent Mon, and will be distributed in English by Fanfare.

- "We're Crazy for Dogs" by Sakuragi Yukiya

June Manga (DMP):
- "LoveHolic" by Kawai Touko
- "Solfege" by Yoshinaga Fumi
- "Alcohol, Shirt & Kiss" by Kuwabara Yuuko
- "The Day I Became a Butterfly" by Sumomo Yumeka
- "Seven" by Tenzen Momoko

Serialization Update from Shoujo/Josei Anthologies.

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Panini Comics Brazil will be launching Kare Kano by Masami Tsuda in July. The price of the manga has not been announced.

...And the old Japanese adage "reading manga all the time makes you stupid" is proven true yet again.

From the Morning Edition of the Chunichi Newspaper for July 4th, 2006:

According to the July 3rd edition of the French newspaper Liberation, 2 16-year old girls from the Paris suburbs, who were both manga fanatics, left home without notifying their families because they "wanted to visit the land of manga."

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 4th July 2006. DramaQueen has announced that they acquired three new yaoi titles and one Korean shounen-ai title.

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The Brazilian manga publisher Conrad has recently released Sanctuary by Sho Fumimura/Ryoichi Ikegami, and Nausucaa by Hayao Miyazaki.

Serialization Update from Shounen/Seinen Anthologies.

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Live action fans mark their calendars for an appearance by Battle Royal actor and renowned cinema military advisor; Koshi to help with launch of new manga and production company

Springfield, VA - June 2, 2006 -TenBu Productions, a new independent production studio and Asian entertainment licensing company, confirmed today that Yasahiro Koshi (Japan), actor and military advisor, will make an extended appearance in the United States for the pre-release of Cove, Pirate Mercenary.

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DMP Books announces the Vampire Hunter D manga, to be released in English before its Japanese release.

Dark Horse licenses:

- "Dame Dame Saito Nikki" by Saitou Tomoyuki
- "Satsuma Gishiden" by Hiroshi Hirata
- "Samurai Champloo Roman Album Guidebook"

Viz announces:

- "Gentleman's Alliance" by Tanemura Arina
- "Punch!"
- "Be With You (novel)"

Go! Comi announces:

- "Black Sun, Silver Moon" by Tomo Maeda
- "Train + Train" by Hideyuki Kurata & Tomomasa Takuma
- "The Devil Within" by Ryo Takagi