Anime Expo 2006: Tokyopop New Licenses

Tokyopop licenses:

- "Wild Adapter" by Kazuya Minekura
- "Gakuen Heaven" by You Higuri
- "Soul Rescue" by Kanno Aya
- "Kilala Princess" by Nao Kodaka
- “'Nosats' Junkie" by Fukuyama Ryouko
- "More of Somedays Dreamer" by Yamada Norie & Yoshizuki Kumichi
- "Sex Pistols" (tentative title) by Kotobuki Tarako
From ADV:
- "Tactics" by Sakura Kinoshita
- "Peace Maker Kurogane" by Nanae Chrono
- "Aqua" by Kozue Amano

Pop Fiction Line:
- "Scrapped Princess"
- "Kino no Tabi"
- "Chain Mail"
- "Calling You"
- "Gravitation 2 "

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Does anyone else get the

Does anyone else get the feeling TokyoPop is going to utterly murder Sex Pistols? :-(