July, 2006


imgAnd here it is, after almost a month sitting at 70% completed (reason: I didn't feel like doing it!), the continuation from Part 1. Araki talks about his inspirations and methodology. Please note that there are references to other titles (mostly from Jump) as well as a brief spoiler or two.

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The 4 volume classic shoujo manga Hot Road by Taku Tsumugi will be revived this July, as Shueisha plans to release a 3 volume Perfect Edition version of the manga starting this month. The Perfect Edition version will be released once a month, and will come with never-before-seen artworks, as well as color drawings.

Hot Road was said to be one of the "66 Most Outstanding Manga of t

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From DramaQueen comes a new Global Boys' Love anthology called Rush, which is planned to be released at this year's Yaoicon.

HERNDON, VA - July 24, 2006 - CuriousFactory and Buredo today announced the release of "Blade Engine", a free game engine and construction kit aimed at making Visual Novel easy to construct, fully localized into English.

For more detail, please visit Blade Engine official site.

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The Sakaiminatoshi city (Tottori Prefecture, Japan) police station in front of the JR Sakaiminato Station has been renamed to Kitaro Police Station in honor of Gegege no Kitaro's creator, Shigeru Mizuki (84), who was born in the same city.

According to Weekly Shounen Jump's Early Sales Info, Takeshi Konomi is currently ill, and his popular series, "The Prince of Tennis," will be put on hiatus.

SignOnSanDiego interviews "Lone Wolf and Cub" mangaka Kazuo Koike.

Love Manga takes a look at BL publisher Iris Print and the global BL scene, and interviews Tina Anderson and Caroline Monaco.

DMP has announced the following new licenses:

- "Moon & Sandal" by Yoshinaga Fumi
- "Megami DX" (Megami Deluxe) Magazine - Will be released every six months by DMP

DrMaster has announced the following new licenses:

- "Purgatory Kabuki"
- "Chinese Hero ~Tales of the Blood Sword~"

Serialization update from Shoujo, Josei, and other Female oriented Anthologies.

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The winners of the new online manga Award, Yomis, has been announced at this year's Comic-Con:

Best Manga: Fullmetal Alchemist
Best Global Manga: Dramacon
Best Short or One-shot: Sexy Voice and Robo
Best Publisher: Viz

TP has announced the following new licenses:

- "Heaven!!" by Seino Shizuru
- "Hibiki’s Magic" Maeda Jun & Izumi Rei
- "Kamiyadori" by by Sanbei Kei
- "Rure" by Seomoon Dami

Seven Seas has announced the following new license:

- "Neconoclasm" by Asaki Yuzuno

Viz has announced the following new licenses:

- "Shakugan no Shana" by Takahashi Yashichirou
- "Count Cain" by Kaori Yuki
- "Dragon Drive" by Sakura Kenichi
Shojo Beat
- "LoveCom" (Lovely Complex) by Nakahara Aya
- "Millenium Snow" by Hattori Bisco
- "Shakugan no Shana Novel" by Sasakura Ayao
- "Brave Story Novel" by Miyabe Miyuki

- http://www.cubed3.com/news/5567

Konami announces a new Death Note game for DS, to be released in February 2007.

- http://www.konami.jp/th/trading/deathnote/

Also from Konami is the Death Note Trading Card Game.

CMX has announced the following new licenses:

- "Apothecarius Argentum" by Yamashita Tomomi
- "Canon" Shiomi Chika
- "Dorothea" by Curie
- "Go Go Heaven!!" Yamada Keiko
- "Key To the Kingdom" by Shitou Kiyoko
- "Orfina" by Tennouji Kitsune
- "The Time Guardian" by Kishi Daimurou & Ichinose Tamao
- "Variante" by Igura Sugimoto

Broccoli Books has announced the following new license:

- "E's" by Yuiga Satoru

- http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/feature.php?id=252

ANN interveiws Adam Arnold and Jason DeAngelis of Seven Seas Entertainment.

The rumors are true - TOKYOPOP has just relaunched its website!

Check out the NEW http://www.TOKYOPOP.com, where you can:

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Del Rey has announced the following new licenses:

- "Mushishi" by Urushibara Yuki
- "Kitchen Princess" by Kobayashi Miyuki & Andou Natsumi
- "Shugo Chura" by Peach-Pit
- "Mamotte! Lolipop" by Kikuta Michiyo
- "Parasyte" by Iwaaki Hitoshi (formerly licensed by Tokyopop)

Serialization update from Shounen, Seinen, and other Male oriented Anthologies.

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From ActiveAnime comes an interview with Izumi Kawachi, mangaka of Enchanter, which is currently being released by Digital Manga Publishing.


The third International Manga and Anime Festival will take place Friday 10th - Tuesday 14th November 2006 at County Hall, Westminster, London. Together with its sponsor CineAqua, the festival will host the IMAF 2006 Manga and Anime Design Competition and Awards, with an overall prize fund worth $85,000 .

Dark Horse Comic Con Preview Night Announcements:

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