Barubara Ikai by Moto Hagio has won the 27th Japan SF Grand Prize. Barubara Ikai is a science fiction manga published by Shogakukan, it ended in Shogakukan's manga anthology Flowers in August of 2005 with a total of 4 volumes.

Source: AnimeAnime

The animation Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time), directed by Mamoru Hosoda, was nominated as one of the five candidates for the upcoming 2006 Japan SF Grand Prize (Nihon SF Taisho), held by the Japan SF Writers Club.

The other candidates are: Ai no Monogatari by Hiromu Yamamoto, Shangri-la by Eiichi Ikegami, Tenku No Toride by Issui Ogawa, and Barubara Ikai by Moto Hagio.

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The first-ever American Anime Awards will be held at the New Yorker Hotel on February 24, 2007, hosted by NYCC.

Categories for this event as seen in the press release:

- Best Actor
- Best Actress
- Best Actor in a Comedy
- Best Actress in a Comedy
- Best Cast
- Best DVD Package Design
- Best Anime Theme Song
- Best Comedy Anime
- Best Anime Feature (OAV)
- Best Short Series (13 episodes or less)
- Best Long Series (over 13 episodes)
- Best Manga

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Volume 7 Of Hit Manga Series Declared A Winner Of "Consumer's Choice" Literary Award To Honor Excellence In Writing And Publishing

San Francisco, CA, October 11, 2006 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced that Shonen Jump NARUTO Vol. 7 has won the 2006 Quill Award for Best Graphic Novel, a first for any manga.

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In Part II of its 2006 Yaoi Awards, Yaoi Suki presents Character Awards - Part A:

Nicole from Boy Princess
Naoki from Jazz
All Character by by Hoshino Lily

To vote for other categories go here.

The Beat has a list of the 2006 Harvey Award winners, and Buddah (published by Vertical) is the winner of the Best American Edition of Forein Material category.

Naruto and Hellsing have been nominated for the 2006 Quills Award. Users can vote here, winners will be announced on 10/10 in NYC.

Source: ANN

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of its annual Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award event, and the many manga artist and judges involved, Asahi Shimbun will be hosting the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award 10th Anniversary event, "Manga Mirai Seiki " (Literally: Manga Future Century), on 9/10 at the Yurakucho Asahi Hall.

Past award winners, nominees, judges, and other manga artists will take part in the event. The event has three sections, which will feature and discuss the history of the Tezuka award, the future and potential of manga, and an "art showdown" between artists.

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The winners of the new online manga Award, Yomis, has been announced at this year's Comic-Con:

Best Manga: Fullmetal Alchemist
Best Global Manga: Dramacon
Best Short or One-shot: Sexy Voice and Robo
Best Publisher: Viz

A preview of MangaCast's new annual manga award, the Yomis, as well as a podcast on the award from Jack Tse. The winners will be announced at this year's San Diego ComicCon, a list of the final nominees can be found here.