ANN reports that two titles, Tsubasa by CLAMP and Negima! by Ken Akamatsu, bot published in the U.S. by Del Rey, has been added to the American Anime Awards' manga ballot:

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The American Anime Awards is now open for public voting. MangaCast has a list of the entries in the Best Manga category:

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The winners of the 2006 IMAF Awards have been announced.

Source: MangaBlog

The 2006 ANF Yaoi/Yuri Awards is open for nominations, 3 votes can be submitted to each categories, the categories are:

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The winners of the 2006 Japanese Media Arts Festival have been announced. One grand prize, four excellence prize, and one encouragement prize were given in each of the four categories. A total of 1,808 works were submitted from both inside Japan and around the world.

The special achievement prize was given to Akira Daikuhara (Animator) for his contribution to the media arts.

The winners in each category were:

Art Division:
- Grand Prize: Imaginary Numbers by Keiko Kimoto
- Excellence Prize: Xman vibration
- Excellence Prize: OLE Coordinate System
- Excellence Prize: front
- Excellence Prize: MediaFlies
- Encouragement Prize: Sagrada Familia Plan

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Thursday in Paris, a press conference was held announcing award candidates for next year’s Angoulême Comics Festival. ActuaBD (Google translation) has the report. The Angoulême Comics Festival, which takes place each year in the town of Angoulême, France, is Europe's biggest comics event, and its prizes are the most prestigious awards on offer in the continent.

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In November, the Golden Dragon Award's organization committee awarded the "Chinese Anime and Manga Life Achievement Award" to the late Chinese comic artist Liao Bing Xiong, who passed away on September 22nd, 2006 at the age of 91. Liao Bing Xiong was famous for his political satires, his works were centered around politics and human rights issues.

The Golden Dragon Award is known in China as the "Anime Oscar," and over 60 works and 30 artists participated in this year's award event. Many foreign works also appeared in this year's award, including Ice Age 2 and Death Note the movie.

Source: Star Daily

According to People's Daily Japan, Beijing Film Academy has introduced a new category, Nihon Taishi Prize (Japan Ambassador Prize) to its Beijing Film Academy School of Animation Award. The prize was awarded to the head of the Japanese Embassy's Public Relations and Culture Department, who attended the award ceremoney on December 3rd.

With over 50 years of history, the Beijing Film Academy is the most prestigious film school in China. The Beijing Film Academy School of Animation Award was established 8 years ago to promote creativity and production of animations.

MangaCast points out that the winners of the 2006 Seiun (Nebula) Awards have been announced (also included is a list of the nominees):

Best SF Manga:
- Onmyouji by Okuno Reiko/Yumekura Baku (Winner)
- Savage Garden by Nishigawa Rousuke
- Kaguya Hime by Shimizu Reiko

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The recipient of the 2006 Zoooka Manga Prize was announced on November 17th. The Zoooka Manga Prize, hosted by Takarazuka University of Arts and Design and supported by Mainichi Shimbun, was established in an effort to search for new manga artists. This year the award received 482 applications from both home and abroad, 18 works from three categories were chosen: the public category, the university and vocational college category, and the junior and senior high school category.

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