According to Moon Phase, the light novel series Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu by Akiyama Mizuhito (author) and Komatsu Eiji (illustrator) will be adapted to a manga.

The manga is scheduled to start serialization this summer in the seinen magazine Dengeki Maoh, and will be drawn by Kanno Touko.


According to Shueisha, Ikeda Akihisa's Rosario + Vampire will be adapted into an anime. According to ANN, the official announcement of the anime adaptation will be made in the July issue of Monthly Shonen Jump.

Source: Ultimatum Talk

Sakaki Ichirou (Author) and Fujishiro You (Illustrator)ls light novel series Strait Jacket will be adapted to an OVA series, with the first OVA episode to be released in October 2007. An official site for the anime has opened at this link.

Also, PEACH-PIT's Shugo Chara! will be adapted into an anime.

According to the latest newsletter from Kodansha BOX, the popular doujin game Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni will be adapted into a novel series. The story will be written by the game's creator Ryuukishi07.

Source: animeOnline

According to a poster from the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, Kyosuke Usuta's Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar will be adapted into a live-action movie sometime next year. Also an anime series is being planned, which will be distributed through the use of DVD.

Source: animeOnline

According to Moon Phase, Katayama Kentarou (Author) and Yamamoto Yamato (Illustrator)'s light novel series Kure-nai will be adapted into an anime. Kure-nai is currently published under Shueisha's shounen light novel label Super Dash Bunko.


According to Negima! creator Ken Akamatsu's latest diary entry, the news of a live-action Negima! will be officially announced in Weekly Shonen Magazine issue 25, on sale 5/23.

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According to the latest issue of Ikki, Tetsuro Kasahara's manga about personalized mecha in space, Ride Back, will be adapted into an anime TV series.

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Moetan, the popular English study guide from SansaiBooks, will be adapted into an anime TV series this July. The pre-site can be found at

ANN reports that the web manga Yasagure Panda (Cynical Panda) will be adapted into a live-action DVD:

The series originally appeared here under the subtitle "Sanzoku Underground." The online comic concluded in late 2004, but the artist has moved on to another online comic. Since then, Cynical Panda has become a cult hit. The comics were eventually published in book form by Artist House Publishing in late 2005. The artist, also known as Sanzoku, maintains a website with old and new comics here.