According to the latest issue of Big Comic Superior, Moonlight Mile by Yasuo Otagaki will be adapted into an anime TV series.

Also announced was that the Moonlight Mile manga is on hiatus due to its author's illness.

Two months ago Shogakukan, Yahoo! Japan, and TV Asahi announced the "Doraemon Magic Project," the largest Doraemon Tool Design Contest ever. In the past two months, Shogakukan received 26,611 letters, TV Asahi received 11,116 letters, and Yahoo! Japan received 3,382 letters, which amounts to a total of 41,109 letters. Judges were surprised by the number of entries. Also worth noting is that many people chose tools that

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Shogakukan's Kotae wa Mitsu Volume 1 and Tokyo Flowchart Volume 1 were released today in Japan, at the same time, Yahoo! Comic also began distributing the two manga online in e-book format. This marks the first time manga is released both on and offline.

Source: Manga Jouhou

A new Nintendo DS game by TDK Core called Ciao Manga School (ちゃおまんがスクール) will be released on November 9th. The game is based on a popular how-to-draw-manga tutorial section featured in shojo manga anthology Ciao. The game, utilizing DS's touch screen, puts the player in the shoes of a girl who is trying to have her work published by Ciao.

Source: Akadot

The Star Online takes an in-depth look at Junichi Nojo's Hallelujah, a classical music manga serialized in Shogakukan's Big Comic Original.

Hallelujah [...] is taking on the field in co-operation with professional classical musicians and music halls. While the author of Hallelujah welcomes their efforts as a great help in building up his manga characters and creating a story to which

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The Yukan Fuji blog reports that Shogakukan is looking to create online versions of at least 2 magazines out of its existing lineup, part of a growing trend towards creating "net" books and magazines, online versions of the print media, as a new revenue source. (Full story in extended)

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Shogakukan is set to release a retrospective of classic manga titles from 1945 to 2005, on October 30th. Titled The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Manga (English title: literal Japanese title is Modern Manga Museum), it introduces roughly 700 titles from 4 eras (1945-58, 59-69, 70-80, 81-2000 and 2001-2005) along with brief excerpts from the manga and publication data. It also includes a mangaka index, manga chronology and complete list of publishers' award winners.

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Shogakukan and Yahoo announced on 8/25 the largest Doraemon Tool Design Contest ever, the "Doraemon Magic Project". 12 entries will be picked from TV Asahi, Yahoo! net, and various children's anthology (such as Coro Coro Comic).

Winners will be announced on TV this winter, and the winning designs will be used in new episodes of the Doraemon TV anime next Spring. Second place winner will receive a "Doraemon Magical Car" from Toyota Noah.

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The Editor-in-Chief of the popular shoujo manga magazine "Shoujo Comic" (Sho-comi) was disciplinarily dismissed on June 27th because of embezzlement. According to Shogakukan's public relations department, the Editor-in-Chief fabricated bills and claimed fake expenditure of over 10 million yen.

The man was appointed as Editor-in-Chief of Sho-comi in July 2004. From around the Spring of 2003 till the Spring of 2006, the man claimed approximately 100,000 yen over and over on the bills of a bar. When the Editor-in-Chief’s superior discovered his suspicious claims and questioned him, he confessed to the embezzlement. The man has since compensated for all of the embezzled money, and Shougakukan doesn't intend to charge him. Shougakukan's public relations department stated: "we will increase our education on compliance."

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According to Rumic World, Rumiko Takahashi's One-Pound Gospel will resume serialization in Young Sunday No. 52 (11/22), and will end after a 5-part storyline.