Editor-in-Chief of "Shoujo Comic" Fired for Embezzlement

The Editor-in-Chief of the popular shoujo manga magazine "Shoujo Comic" (Sho-comi) was disciplinarily dismissed on June 27th because of embezzlement. According to Shogakukan's public relations department, the Editor-in-Chief fabricated bills and claimed fake expenditure of over 10 million yen.

The man was appointed as Editor-in-Chief of Sho-comi in July 2004. From around the Spring of 2003 till the Spring of 2006, the man claimed approximately 100,000 yen over and over on the bills of a bar. When the Editor-in-Chief’s superior discovered his suspicious claims and questioned him, he confessed to the embezzlement. The man has since compensated for all of the embezzled money, and Shougakukan doesn't intend to charge him. Shougakukan's public relations department stated: "we will increase our education on compliance."

Shoujo Comic was launched in 1968, and 250,000 copies are being sold every 2 weeks. It's a pioneer of Shoujo manga magazines.

Translated by T. Ohara